ASUS Sabertooth x58 Motherboard for sale $175

I entered contest and won this motherboard last year in Sept. still brand new, never used. in the original box, it was opened once to take pictures. you can find it online for $219, i’m selling mine for $175 firm.

it is an LGA1366 Core i7 motherboard with support for Crossfire and SLI, and triple channel DDR3 RAM

Damn… I want to get this. I wanna eventually go I7 :smile:

Should see the server im building right now :smile:

ya should have a close look at Intel’s new sandy bridge, in particular the Core i7-2600K, overclocks like crazy from what i read online.

yup, the new sandy bridge cpu’s are looking pretty good, 4.8ghz on air, 4.2 with msi’s easy OC button, from most of the reviews i’ve seen they get to 5ghz pretty easily(but with voltages you wouldn’t want to run on a daily basis).

I could probably just build something around this board, have any of you tried the newer AMD graphics cards? or the 5xx series from nvidia?

i’ll keep this post up for another week to see if I get any biters(which I probably won’t), if nothing then that’s fine. I figured it was worth a shot.

CES 2011 this last week wasn’t it? cant wait to see what else is coming out later this year, i’ve seen some pictures and videos of Nvidia’s new GTX 5XX series dual gpu, but some were saying it’s two gtx560’s and a bit slower then one gtx580 ?

anyway, thanks for checking out my post.

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