Astral Media 99.1 FM in Prince Rupert

[quote=“TheNorthernView”]Astral Media has been given the green light from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to move CHTK from the AM dial to 99.1 on the FM dial, a ruling that goes against an application for a station on the same frequency by a group headed by Barry Wall that was looking to start a local station of their own. … 94894.html[/quote]

Here’s another story on the frequency change … pplication

interesting it says that there is 50 hours of local programming on CHTK not sure what Astral thinks is local but the few times I listen it doesn’t sound all that local to me

“Local programming” probably refers to the morning show with a live local dj and the news, weather, and road reports.

If so, not sure how that adds up to the fifty hours plus of local programming, wonder if anyone ever asked the CRTC to define local.

Not that I think another radio station would survive in the market at the moment, (the economy is such a mess here that it probably wouldn’t) but it’s a little disingenuous to suggest that the way the local station is run as though it’s a full service local station, as it doesn’t appear to be such.

Then again does it really matter, I wonder how many folks here actually listen to local radio anymore anyways, what with the internet and Sirius not to mention iPods.

Does TK still only have one person keeping the shop here?

Possibly the local programming being referred to are the ads? :wink:

Just can’t seem to get this on my FM dial. Is this now up and running? I thought I read somewhere that they ordered the equipment soon after they heard they won the decision. 7 months later…Nothing?