Ashley furniture dishonest

Just letting people know I bought a couch set and Lamp at Ashley furniture and they wanted to sell me the floor model (lamp) at same price as new when it was scratched. I said no and asked to wait and ship a new lamp. The following week I received the floor model lamp with scratches which I didn’t want in the first place. I returned it and they told me a mistake was done. Next week they were suppose to deliver the new lamp before 5 pm so my girlfriend paid a taxi to get there on time from work for delivery but they didn’t show up and no calls to tell us it wasn’t going to be delivered that day. we got the lamp delivered at my door the next day, we were not there at the moment, so they dropped it off on the porch with no box and no bag…completely uncovered. Upon arriving home from work, I saw the lamp sitting there and at same time I get a phone call from them saying they dropped it off. After receiving the 2nd lamp, I noticed it was the first lamp floor model again with the same scratches. The following Saturday I went to see manager (big white guy with glasses) and asked what had happened to receive this lamp again after everything I went through. His only answer is that his employees were green meaning they were new. I said it’s impossible to make that mistake twice and Ashley were trying to get rid of this lamp at all cost. Well here is the cost… I told him they were dishonest and will never buy again. I also told him I will tell my story everywhere I can…I will email the head manager…that’s the cost…Honesty goes a long way if you screw up but this manager guy couldn’t man up to it and re-pay us for the taxi or for our troubles. This is the treatment after spending $3,000. With that said, be aware that when they have a sale on, their prices are being jacked up more then the usual price from other ashley furniture stores so if you buy from them I would suggest printing prices from other ashley furniture prices and take it with you to show them.
Be aware

Those Renos to the building were expensive …