Armenia has a national hockey team?

And they sure need to improve: and click on WS III to see their results.

How do they make it into that league?

As far as I know, there is no qualification tournament for the Tier III World Championship. I’m pretty sure that the Tier III Tourney is comprised of the the relegated team from each of the Tier II tourneys and any other unranked country that wants in. Either way, it’s not like you are going to see any of these teams in the main tournament.

those poor buggers

I know the scores for the Armenian games are unbelieveably one-sided, but the thing that surprised me more than anything, is that not only does Mexico have a national hockey team…they are hosting the tournament!

I wonder if the Armenian coach thought he might have an advantage by having 6 skaters and no goalie for the whole game?

Maybe the problem isn’t that he thought that was a good idea, but that they ONLY have 6 skaters?