Are you a good con artist?

I took the quiz and deliberately answered the wrong ones. I got told I had as much edge as a marshmallow.

The other links are good too ( rules, classic cons and jargon)

A Prince among thieves… what an honor!

My name is Ignatius Johnnie, brother of Sebeastian Johnnie, controller of a major joint-venture Canadian sawmill Great Bear Forest Products. It appears that Canadian voters will be electing a pro United States government Jan. 23rd and Stephen Harper, a personal friend of George Bush, will end our long running Softwood Lumber Dispute once and for all.
As you must be aware, the United States has illegally collected over $5 billion dollars in duties, and as soon as the disputed is ended the money will be returned to the sawmills from which it was collected. The figure mentioned by the creditors of Great Bear Forest Products is over USD $276, 350,000.00.
Because the mill is a joint venture operation, and the local Indian band is involved in a dispute in which a heriditary chief illegally seized their 50% share in the operations, the democratically elected board is looking for a place that the $276,350,000.00 may be temporarily placed to prevent this demagogue from pilfering it until the courts can straighten things out and return it to the people.
All we require is someone who will send us their bank account number and access code and is willing to keep their mouth shut for one year until the dispute is settled. The holder of the account will earn a minumum of $5.53 million in simple interest for this act, plus a USD $10,000,000.00 reward passed in a secret shareholder’s meeting, plus 8% of Class A Great Bear Forest Products shares.
If you know someone interested, please respond to:
within 24 the next hours. After that, the domain will be taken down to prevent discovery by the repressive Chief and his secret band police. Please do your Christian duty and help the people of this area.
Ignatius Johnnie

A variation of the spanish prisoner.

That was a great movie, by the way.

I got “Prince among thieves” as well.

I read all the documentation so I’ll take the quiz again later.

:astonished: im a prince among thieves 2… :laughing:


Now I got prince among thieves.

I like the first response that I had:

Pathetic! Woeful! Sad!

You have about as much edge as a marshmallow, and you’d be an embarrassment to cons the world over. So stick to the day job and that sad little cubicle of yours.[/quote]

I dunno, the answers seemed pretty obvious. I got prince among thieves as well.

I agree.