Are there any Rupert counter strike clans, or servers

I know lots of people play this game
and i was wondering if there are any
prince rupert cs clans or servers?
I would like to play against some people
in town for a change.

shit man your about 2 years late.

We all used to be huge counter-strike fanatics, a lot of people have moved on, however I think there going to start playing CS Source.

I usto play a long time ago when the game
first came out. But after a year i quit.
I’ve just gotten it again recently.
And i know for a fact that there are people
who still play cs.

[quote=“Kjeldoran_King”]I usto play a long time ago when the game
first came out. But after a year i quit.
I’ve just gotten it again recently.
And i know for a fact that there are people
who still play cs.[/quote]

your right there are people who still play. However from this town the numbers have decreased dramatically.

<== soon to be source player

I just gave Steam my credit card number, so I’ll be playing CS:S soon, I guess.

$49.95 for Half-Life 2? I didn’t even stop to check what currency it was =)

Must be American… I bought my basic copy from EBgames on the 16th for $56.99 I think…

EQ2= Great!

EQ2 < WoW

Yeah, WoW is supposedly pretty good. I just finished installing HL2… I started last night, put a couple more CDs in this morning and then just the final CD#5 now. I can’t believe those Valve fuckers put the game on 5CDs… I swear it was worse than installing Win95 from floppies! A DVD would have been a nice touch considering most new titles of any importance are converting to DVD… I’ve always hated STEAM, but I guess that is the way things are going to be now… Still waiting for this ‘Unlocking Half-Life 2 game files.’ window to piss off,

Yup, still waiting… What the hell? I don’t even want to play the game anymore. 1 year late and 1 year to install… VALVE SUCKS!

BTW, if you’re about to install HL2 and already have Steam, make sure only your account exists on your machine and be aware that ONLY the current account residing on your harddrive will allow you to play the game.

Considering I didn’t even know Steam was already installed on this machine and the installation never even asked me anything before going ahead and binding the game to the username ‘orangetang’ (I guess I’ll be using that again…), I think there will be a lot of complaints over the next few days asking WTF?

Mmm, still waiting for the game to be unlocked BTW… I hate Valve… I don’t even want to play this fucktarded game now, but I can’t close the window!!!

  1. Yes, World Of Warcraft Rules. Hella-fun. Pity they just deleted all my chars today, as open beta is over.

  2. EQ2 is the devil. Im quite glad I didn’t buy it, I watched a few videos people put out for it, tours of zones etc, and frankly, it doesn’t look that great.
    They try to sell it off on the fact that the NPC’s talk to you. Well, go buy WoW, cause the NPC’s talk to you in that one too.

  3. Had customers come in yesterday to Future Shop, complaining about halflife2, well, one guy came in to buy another copy, and complained because the first one took so damn long to install. Sheesh, I figured people would’ve realized, that games these days, are more than one CD, and will take some time to install. Unless of course, your playing like, Deer Hunter, or Casino Games.

  4. I recommend everyone go and buy World of Warcraft on the 23rd, you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Numbering in my post is actually quite nice.

  6. Halo 2 is only fun when your playing it at work.

  7. DAoC is still hella-sweet.

8) Edit <— Suppose to be and 8 ) /edit I’m tired, Its my day off, I’m going back to bed.


  2. I’ll probably get in on WoW when it comes out, just because Rypoo is.

  3. I was playing CS:S last night… about 20 minutes after I finished downloading it and everyone, it got unlocked and I started playing. Everyone that has problems just sucks. Although I never actually tried to play HL2, just CS:S.

  4. There is no bullet #4.

  5. In this contest at Penny Arcade, one of the prizes is a lifetime subscription to DAOC.

definately gotta agree. I was also in the World of Warcraft open beta. very awsome game, first time an rpg has ever got me interested. Not too sure if im going to buy it yet though… spend to much time on the comp already, plus monthly fees don’t really appeal to me, but they probably are worth it for that game.

My bf’s lil bro wants me to download a copy of Doom3 for him to play, but I haven’t the foggiest idea where to get it from, or how to burn it so he can play it. Any suggestions?

Yeah man, but HL2 took about an hour to install on my machine, which is ridiculous. If they put it on a DVD and scrapped that ‘unlocking’ bullshit, the installw ould have taken about 5-10 mins on a basic DVD-ROM drive. Valve fucked up this time and I might not forgive them for it :wink: Especially for making STEAM manditory AND for binding HL2 to ‘orangetang’… WTF? I think I shoudl have say in who owns the game I bought.

Maybe you should be bitching @ vivendi instead they have pretty much made valve their little bitch. I can’t really have a strong opinion on it yet considering my computer will only be able to play it on very low settings insert sigh here

I got it sitting right beside me, you just need a crack.

How old is the kid, because this game scared the shit out of me!