Are there any flat, level streets in Prince Rupert?

I can only think of Lisa Walters Drive, which, by the way, is shorter than her longest putt.

Dead end section of 10th east near Maverick mart and George hills way are the only others that I can think of.

Unless you count the industrial park.

Water Street and Beach Place.

The area around the Courthouse is level for the most part.

Ha, good question ! Raven Place, 5th. & 6th. Ave. east ( for the most part from McBride), Jamaica Ave., part of Cormorant, ah, have to think on this for a bit !

Don’t forget the 30 meter stretch at the east side of Hays Cove Bridge

George Hills Way. I think that’s what it’s called. Right from Cowbay to Rushbrook is very flat.

The only reason George Hills Way is still flat, is probably because its built on firm ground maybe?
But in reality there are no flat roads in our Fair City!
There are hardly any roads in this town, that don’t have potholes!
The roads in this town suck! They are a freakin embarrassment!
Any roadwork that is done in this town should be done by contractor, not by the city crews.
9th Avenue East was a fiasco. Taking so much time, and its not finished yet!
The top of the hill is where alot of the underground pipes from the other streets tie in.
This will mean torn up roads, yards etc. Should be entertaining if the city crew do the job.
Our poor town is in bad need of a complete makeover!