Are Schools closed Monday? (no, not yet!)

:confused: Anyone heard if the schools are opened tomorrow heard they may be closed due to gas problems

I haven’t heard anything.  Maybe you should listen to the radio tomorrow morning.

It’s June, so we’re not going to freeze without gas.

Also, we’re not out of gas (are you?).  It still works at my place – I think there’s probably enough gas to last a day or more.

Yikes don’t the schools get enough days off :unamused:

There’s only a couple of weeks left in the year, the weather is nice and you can all bathe at home, should be clear sailing til the line is fixed next week.

Well there are regulations regarding minimum temperatures for the workers and the students, but I would assume this time of year they wouldn’t be an issue.

A student at PRSS told me tonight they don’t have school tomorrow because of the gas lines.

Has anybody run out of natural gas yet?

Damned if I know. I haven’t had to run my furnace for days. Usually in the summer I only run it now and then to make sure the pilot light doesn’t go out.

ppffff - the school needs to do a much better job of communicating. 

My brother in SC has a daughter in school and they use some sort of automated system that sends out messages right to his cell phone.  It is pretty cool.  I think it is called, I haven’t really looked into it, but he loves it.

The Radio station contacted Brian Kanagas of SD 52, it would seem that school is in session…

No Gas day for you…