Apple Service Center

I’m very pleased with my iMac G5, but it looks like I have to send it in to be repaired.  Ever since I upgraded it to 10.4.8 and added a LaserPrinter it’s been having one issue.  When we put it to sleep it either goes to sleep, but shuts down when woken up or it shuts down immediately and doesn’t enter sleep at all.
At first I thought it was a usb issue, so I unplugged everything but the keyboard (mouse is connected to keyboard, but the sleep issue still continued.
Next, I attempted to reset the SMU, but for some reason the SMU wouldn’t reset (the phone support guy said a message should appear about the computer’s date being changed…I never got that message.)
So now I guess I’m sending it in for repair (in the grand scheme of things, a sleep issue is very minor, however, it might mean that something more important, like the powersupply or logicboard is faulty).

Now, looking at Apple’s Canadian website shows that all service centers are located mainly in the lower mainland.  Does anyone know of BCWeb (a Smither’s company)…I see they are an Apple retailer, however, I don’t know if they service them.  Otherwise I’ll send it to Westworld in Vancouver I guess.
At least it is still under warranty.  Any thoughts or ideas on this issue?  I’m not sending it away for a few weeks, I have a backup harddrive coming so that I can make a backup first, before I send it away.

Dave, if it’s an iMac G5, it may be covered by a recall due to the power supply. … onprogram/

They’ll fix it for free even if the warranty’s expired.

I’ve had good luck with this place:

Sent them my old iBook g3 and they currently have one of the school’s iMac G5s.  In both cases it was a recall thing.