Apple Isight

Doe’s any one have a apple isight that is connected to there mac. I want to try out my new Mac Book Pro. :smile:

Any one ?

I’m thinking of getting one. Are they worth it?

Was playing with our new Macbook Pro the other day, actually :wink:

What is your iChat/AIM name?

passdiy is mine…

I love it… the first thing that is wrong with them is they squeal. Just like the 17" pb… If you turn up the screen brightness all the way and sit and listen you’ll hear it squeal after about 15 min. If you turn it down 3 notches then back up all the way its fine… i called apple tech support and told them how to fix it. As i did the fix for my 17" they are going to call me next week to see what there result’s are.

Over all the laptop is nice power full. I did disable the stupid dashboard. One more not they do get warm.

Mine is a dual 1.8 with 1gig ram and a 100 gig hdd. Im going to wait for prices at to come down a little and go buy 2 x 1gig stick’s of ram.

The screen is really nice crisp clean and huge. The new res is a nice feature for sure.

the screen brightness keeps flickering up and down on my powerbook… not impressed. anyone know anything about this? just got back to town today so im askin here then im gonna go to westworld and see whattup.

Might be a loose connection to the backlight?

It’s under warranty, they’ll fix it. I had a weird trackpad on my iBook a couple of years ago, and sent it in. They fixed it and sent it back in about a week or so. If you can bring it in, instead of shipping it, it might be quicker.

Where are you located ?

im in calgary right now, heading out to vancouver probably tonight. i will probably have to end up sending it in because i dont tihnk ill have the time to get to westworld todaybefore my flight out.

i will have a good month or two of OUTDOOR SHREDDING coming up here where i hopefully wont miss it that much…

thanks for the info.

it actually doesnt do it all the time, just sometimes, i thought it mightve been a bad power input (i was working off a generator) but it was flickering in the hotel last night. my other theory was i kept moving my hand or something over the light sensor that tells it to go up and down, but, nah.

ok thanks guys… back in rupe in a bit,.


Thank’s eso. I wonder if ill get a new one. Mine Get’s really hot too.


I just hooked up my isight…pretty cool

It is pretty cool do bad it only works with ichat :frowning:

Dave what is your ichat name.

Was the isight clear enough for you :smile:

Yes, it was very clear! Even the lag wasn’t bad.


Yes, it was very clear! Even the lag wasn’t bad.[/quote]

It’s a nice feature… just doesnt work with msn :frowning: yet

Wonder if some one will make a driver for msn in windows to run this. I have yet to find a forum that talks about windows on the apple laptop :smile:

[quote=“jleaman”]It’s a nice feature… just doesnt work with msn :frowning: yet

MiG told me to try Mercury Messenger. I’ve downloaded it, but haven’t had a try yet. Check it out and we can test it to see how it does.