I am moving to Prince Rupert soon. Does anyone know what the best apartment for your money is? I am looking for 3 bedroom, or two bedroom and an office for around the 500-1000 range?

Eh, not a big fan, but the Oasis Apartments:

Or The ‘Harbour Side’ apartments are decent. No 3 bedrooms, though. (Does have an elevator, albeit slow, though)

Oasis Apartments= tiny very small, if u have nothing then its ok, but living room is big enough for one couch and TV not much else… 3 bedroms are hard to find, harbourview has 3 bedrooms and there going through some reno’s right now.

yeah totally, I lived in harbor view apartments for 2 years.

even before the renovations the apartments were really nice.

the renovations (in example . . . are - hardwood floors, new paint jobs, new windows with screens, new heating systems) to name a few


Rosevelt Heights.  Heat & hot water included.  All 3 bedroom units (except 1).  Ground level units have a small patio.

Macro Properties in town owns hundreds and hundreds of units in town they can be contacted at 250-627-5003.
or web

I appreciate everyones help in this area! I looked at some of the macro properties and some seemed ok. I just don’t know what to trust without being there and looking at them. How much do the Harbor View Apartments run? Thanks again.

during the time I had been living in the harbor view apartments, the rent for a 2 bedroom was $475

I’m not sure, but aren’t those the places above Solly’s that the Cops always seem to be rushing to with two or three cars???  Not sure that I’d want to be living there, but i could be wrong…

yeah there are drivebys daily =]


during the 3 years I lived in the harborview apartments, the only thing I noticed was everyone kept to themselves, And, the people that I had been introduced to were really nice


Well that’s good, I had heard that there were a few problems up that way… but i don’t know first hand as I don’t live in the area

Well if it is those ones above solly’s stay away from there, the entire complex looks like it needs to be burned down, half of the windows in the first building are smashed out with just garbage bags taped over half of them, the other half have nothing. The reason the cops are always there is because of how the type of people who dont mind living in a shithole behave, there is a connection, ask any cop. I am in no way talking about andrew, I have met him and he is of decent moral standard, but he must have been the exception not the rule down there.

What about the harbour side apartments?
I know those ones are nice. And some have two bedrooms.