Anyone want to buy a Ford Bronco?


its a 88 ford Bronco, black, runs fine, had new tires put on it. Selling it around 5000

if interested call 4-5616, ask for Thinh.


it also almost killed eso.


sell it on ebay, have a picture of eso to go along with it.


I’ll trade you for an 85 ford van…


eww who would want a van



just not that, particular, tiny, van.


i just farted man


5k is a tad steep. For that much, it better be in mint shape, with no rust, and well maintained. And hopefully it hasn’t been driven off-road.


new tires, shocks, always gets tuned up, just some thigns don’t work like A/C but its an 88 so ya. But 5000 just a number, give us an offer.




I double your bid!



I’d rather pay for Mavis Beacon Typing for the same price…


the truck is in really good shape and the seller is a good guy


Well I don’t have a licence nor a reason to drive it, but I’ll buy the bronco just because of that. :unamused:


who said you had to buy it? i’m just telling people that the truck is in good condition, i dont remember saying “smartass, buy this truck”