Anyone looking for an awesome CD Deck?

My friend’s selling his CD Deck that is priced closely to $800 for $400.

It’s in top condition and you can view it here … splay.html

If your interested in buying it, just PM me.

Or email

Check your link there… That just takes you to the Pioneer CD-Decks page… not a specific model.

buying it from Thinh Chu?

wait he’s selling it… why thou…

he just bought a dvd player so now he’s selling his old deck.





The latest one is so much better.

email him the offers ahah its a nice deck

its cheaper to buy brand new

More Details Here

Premier® CD Receiver with Dual Display (LED and Organic EL), MOSFET50, EEQ™/SFEQ, Supertuner® III™, MP3 / WMA Playback, IP-Bus System Control, XM Ready, Steering Wheel Remote, Rotary Volume Control, Flap Face, Detachable Face Security™ and Hi-Volt Preouts

Asking $400 CAD


If you want to sell it, you need to feed us a bit more info than what you posted. Methad, you reminded me of this one dude that was trying to sell me his old deck… He didn’t know the make or model, whether or not it plays MP3/WMA files, or if it had an AUX input… etc etc… Why even bother asking?

Anyway, for $400 you might be able to find a new unit on clearance or something. However, this is one of Pioneer’s better decks and it has a couple of crossover/EQ features that my Clarion doesn’t.

A few stand-out features or lack there of, that I noticed.

  • Has 2 customizable EQ settings + 5 presets
  • Has an independant sub pre-out
  • Has independent bass & treble control for front AND rear (cool!)
  • Motorized faceplates… pfft.
  • Has no AUX-IN. For $800 it should.

Basically, it’s a high-end deck that lacks an AUX-IN. Why wouldn’t that be included? MP3 and WMA playback can be had for less than $200 CAD, and for $300 you can get a new deck with AUX-IN. My cheaper Clarion has all the same kind of bells and whistles and stuff, plus an auxilary input to run your ipod, mp3 player or whatever… Having 2 EQ settings is kind of cool, and being able to change rear and front treble/bass independantly is a cool idea, but not really needed.

I can only recommend buying this thing if you’re sure it works perfectly, it has no physical damage and you’re into the whole silver, mechanical, blinky light stuff… Ooo, shiney object!

one word…