Anyone have any idea what was going on last night?

We live on 11th and heard a whack of sirens going by at about 6ish this morning… fingers crossed that ppl are ok!

I heard them also but the same thing happened the night before, earlier in the evening though around 9, I think. No info or rumours so I hope everything and everyone is OK too.

There certainly are a lot of police out and about this weekend.

I know a few of those sirens were in the vicinity of 11th and Immanuel .

This weekend, next weekend, and the one after that will be police galore. All native, and then Hobieye(sp) I think they brought in extra officers from other cities.

What made you think that?

They could be bringing in other officers to just cover for the RCMP officers that are heading down to Vancouver and Gordo’s party and fireworks display.

They bring in the officers from the surrounding villages every year for the anbt

I realize that and have seen it in the past.  However, bubba didn’t say “they are bringing in…”  she said “they brought in”, meaning they are here now.  I simply wanted to know what led her to think that.

You’re just jealous you weren’t invited. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jealous of who? Do you know of anyone from Rupert who is invited to get into the Olympics for free?

Quote from CBC:

“Elected officials at all levels of government have come under fire ahead of the Games because of their special access to Olympic tickets.
As a result, many municipal politicians in B.C. have renounced any free access to the Games …” … s-mla.html

… I spoke in jest. Look up :stuck_out_tongue: in Britannica. However, I guess I would have been talking about the RCMP officers that Mr Case suggested were being sent to “Gordo’s party and fireworks display.”

Yes, I guess that’s who you would have been talking about … I have trouble seeing Justin as an RCMP officer though … hmm … have to mull that one over a bit. 

Perhaps no local politicians or persons of note from Rupert have been invited to the Games  … of course, if they were I don’t imagine they’d be too quick to tell us …

LOL The fact that there are police every corner we turn downtown??

Oh okay, I get it.  You see a lot of cops in town and think they’re from other cities?  lol

yea why would you think that if you don’t usually see lots of cops around and suddenly you do? silly you.

Well  (using bubba’s theory) I was in town for a few hours tonight and only saw two police cruisers.  I think all the police that they brought in from other cities not only left town, but had taken our entire police for with them.  :stuck_out_tongue:

looking at the times of your last posts versus bubba steve’s i’m not surprised

maybe they just put more on shift not like they use all the cruisers every night

So I just woke up and see that Eccentric was saying someone is jealous . Well I do not believe that you could pay me to go to Gordo’s party and fireworks, thank you. Do have your ticket yet eccentric?