Anyone have a Mini-DV Camcorder?

I am in dire need of a Mini-DV style camcorder for 4 days for work.  Is there anyone out there that I could borrow/rent/supervise the use of etc etc a camera like this?  It is just a small camcorder that records onto DV cassettes.

This was sprung on me first thing this morning, and I need an answer ASAP.  I need to film things around work and downtown from Wednesday (Thursday at the latest) until Sunday.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

We’ve never rented a video camera, but I know we’ve rented things from Teddy’s before for work needs. Maybe check with them.

After phoning or checking with nearly every store in town, and some in Terrace, HTMF comes to the rescue! 

Thanks to an anonymous lurker, I have a sweet camera to use!  I knew posting here would work better than Facebook! 

Well thank you anonymous lurker. Whomever you are it sounds like you are the sort of person we need to come out of the shadows and start posting here.

the anon lurker finally has a hacking ident
thanks for the invite

Welcome aboard our little coffee clatch, hope you picked up your complimentary G Unit tee shirt at the smartass shop for your good deeds… :smiley:

hahaha G-Unit was sooooooo 2 years ago!!  We don’t even sell the stuff anymore!

We now have Tapout and Cage Fighter instead!!

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Really both, when you think about it. haha

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