Anyone get digital cable yet?

When I signed up for Citywest digital cable, they told me they would be installing in September.

Anyone have it yet?  Or are they delayed for some reason?

I went in last week and its still a few months off, I was told if I buy one I will be on the list depending on were I live it could take a 2 months… lol I walked out…

Apparently Citywest employees have it…

Does that really surprise anyone…?

Like so many things that citywest does it’s all hype and bs.
They have many good employees but they have always been behind the times. err
Why does Terrace even get better served than us!!  Terrace had digital cable months back.
It was suppose to be here in August.  Anyway I aint paying them anymore money!!

I guess that means we won’t read any of your posts here anymore or how are you goint to access the internet without getting the connection from Citywest?

Well, we’re not the only one.  There are a lot of small telcos and cable companies out there.  Lots of small ISPs too.

Also, who would you rather be making money off phone, internet and cable?  You, or some shareholder in Toronto or New York?  I have no problem with Citywest being city-owned.  Not much different than BC Hydro being province-owned, or the coal terminal being owned by the Federal government. 

That being said, Citywest has been acting a lot more like a Toronto-based company that doesn’t give a shit about its number 1 (and only) shareholder – the city.  It hasn’t paid the dividend that it is supposed to, and it hasn’t even held the meetings it is supposed to. 

The Citywest “go f#@k yourself tax” that they charge on cell bills is behaviour that you’d expect from a large faceless evil corporation, not your local city-owned company.  Sad that Citywest does this while other Toronto-based companies won’t.

As for the cable system – you’re right that non-Prince Rupert customers of the Prince Rupert-owned company seem to get better treatment.  But the whole point of the fibre line and digital cable was to even this out. 

Absolutely no problem with Citywest employees getting digital cable first, either.  If there are bugs to work out, let their own employees work them out. 

But the fact that they’ve decided to disable the ports (USB, SATA, Ethernet, etc) on their PVRs is another “go f#@k yourself” move.  I understand why they do it, but it really is a move that the big Toronto-based companies would make, not a local city-owned company.

In short, Citywest used to be a great company.  I’m pretty certain that when they made decisions in the past, they put the customer and city’s interests first.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. 

I’m not sure who is making decisions, but the cellular “go f#@k yourself tax” and the non-payment of the dividend are certainly not in the interest of customers and the city. 

So if Citywest doesn’t turn around soon, I’ll be moving all my stuff to the much cheaper competition, and encouraging others to do so too.

Let’s hope that they put the customer’s interests first when rolling out Digital Cable.  I’m optimistic … I don’t think it’s a bad thing that their employees get it first – that’s a good thing. 

Disabling ports on the PVRs – that’s a real douchebag move.  Maybe they have no control over that, which is fine.  If that’s the case, then can we just buy any HD-capable turner/PVR and use it instead?

RE: "wont be pay them anymore money"
I meant any extra cash on top of what I already am.
If Monarch would of stayed separte from citywest we could have had two ISPS and 2 phone sources
In most places people can take out their land lines if they have a good deal on cell, and use Cable Internet.
Here we must have a citytel phone line to get dsl. 
I think telus offers internet only with no phone line in the markets where shaw is present, but here that option is not available?
So if I want extra tv I would go with Star Choice. 
How do folks out there find the speed on the $49 internet/ mine is $39 ?

Has anybody tried to get an internet connection without a phone line from Citywest.  I thought there was a CRTC decision that said that companies had to provide this option. 

Who wants to google the CRTC decision?

I guess I don’t understand the technology associated with digital TV at CityWest.
Does this mean that CityWest will be delivering the digital TV signal on the same fiber optic pipe that they use for Internet?  Do they even have the bandwidth for this?  Does the digital signal arrive by some other means?  Satellite?  :confused:

Im not sure on the tech part, I wanted to buy my own receiver and was told it had to be one like their using, the one receiver is 700.00 dollars and you cant rent it, that’s the one with PVR and High-def the other one is 300 and is high def no PVR and also you cant rent it.

We in Prince Rupert are being held hostage by citywest, I can go online buy the same type of PVR receiver by the same manufacture but it will not work, or if I have the same one they will FIX IT to make it work with citywest and from Mig’s account it sounds as if they will disable key features. That’s shitty.

I would go with satellite its way fricken cheaper (I had Starchoice and Loved it) but I rent and the landlord don’t want a dish on house or near house, as a matter of fact they don’t even own a TV…

I think more people will be moving to satellite if citywest does not get their shit together.

I’ve been using Star Choice for quite a few years, they deliver a clean, clear signal.

“We in Prince Rupert are being held hostage by citywest”

Yeah it’s always been that way.  It got worse when they bought out Monarch

Hey, I’d rather be held hostage by Citywest than Rogers or Telus. 

But if Citywest is turning into a scumbag company, then at least we can switch and pay less for the pleasure of being treated like crap.

Like I said, they’re not all the way there yet – I’m optomistic that their digital cable won’t be douchebag cable.  Their PVR stand isn’t a good sign, but I’m still an optimist.

And really, Citywest internet rocks – you’re just not going to get better service or price than Citywest internet.  You’re not going to get a Rogers or Telus guy on the phone who is actually willing to help you and knows what they’re talking about AND doesn’t treat you like a baby.  And they allow unlimited downloading, even allow you to run servers (like this one).  All with no competition.  This is what the rest of Citywest should be like.

Unfortunately, my opinion of Citywest Mobile is in the gutter.  Their “go f#@k yourself” tax is just too much like the big companies.  Why stay with a company that treats you with such contempt, when you can switch to a company that is half the cost for twice the features (not to mention free Canada-wide roaming) with no contract?    Citywest mobile is a crappy company as long as they keep their “go f#@k yourself” tax on their bills.

I got mine yesterday. Seems to be working alright but was told that me are still missing some channels so there will be a 10 dollar reduction in the first bill

So I heard something the other day and I’m wondering if someone can confirm it. Someone was telling me that CityWest DSL users are paying to rent their DSL modems. Unfortunately I don’t hold on to my phone bills after they are paid so I can’t check. This person told me that you can go in and purchase the modem for like $50 but they don’t advertise that fact.

Anyone got a bill laying around? I’ve had DSL for years and if I’m paying to rent the modem I’ve paid a hell of a lot more than $50.

Yes unless you knew about buying them, you are renting your modem
I keep forgetting to buy the dam thing, so it’s 5.00 and taxes per month for the rental. 

You gotta look closely, they will also rent you phone jack splitter, you know, the ones at the bargain shop for .99 cents, they will rent it to you for 4.99 a month I think it was for 11 years.

oh leave it city west to figure a way to not inform folks of lower cost options to buy
At least the arrival of Rogers is competiton in the cell/wireless market.
Although city west will be making money from their use of the fiber optic line

So an un-named source (that’s literally this person’s name) tells me the following:

  • the cable is live and working.  Installations are being carried out in the other that people signed up.  I was relatively late in signing up, but when I did, the woman told me they would be installing in order of signup.  So that’s fair enough. 

  • the digital cable looks much better than analog cable.  I’ll let you know when I’m watching Portuguese soccer games :wink:

  • Citywest has no control over the PVRs.  They arrive with the ports disabled.  Too bad.  Keep your current PVRs or media centres.  I’m keeping my TiVo.

  • Bandwidth isn’t an issue – that was the point of the fibre!

Anyway, stay tuned…  once I have it set up, I’ll write up a little review.