Anyone for a coffee at Cowpuccino's?

Hi all.

Mig and I are gonna get together for a coffee tomorro afternoon (the 23rd.) Anyone who wants to join us is welcome to come along. What time is good for everyone? Please post a good time to meet and we’ll figure out when to meet from there.

Well, I heard that the WiFi traffic on the Yacht Club’s wireless router is a little lower between 2 - 3 in the afternoon. : P

What are you doing out of Japan? Do they know you left the country?

I’ll come, I’m bored and have nothing to do. I would like to hear about teaching in Japan. Let me know when.

I might come out, depends on work. long time lurker, not much for posting. What time?

Well, 2 pm is starting to sound good. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

2pm it is, I’ll be there!

I’ll see if I can bring a laptop or two, and a camera.

It’s retail madness season… I’ll be at work until midnight!

Just a reminder, we’re going to be at Cowpuccino’s at 2 pm or so, drop down for a coffee.

I was so still in bed at 2:00.

so how was the shindig?? without my presence I gather it wasn’t very entertaining.

I’m sure it wasn’t the same without you, hoshq and his table joke.