Anyone familiar with Ascend (Lucent) Max Routers?

HAs anyone ever setup or troubleshot a Max 4000 router? I have one going flakey and I might have to grab a new router tomorrow if I can’t fix it really really fast…

what is wrong ? what is it not or what is it doing ?

Here’s a tip to remember. The Max boxes log to a file. If that IP is no longer used (like ours was changed in 2004 and forgotten about) when you get a massive power bump it will write an error log and not be able to send it anywhere. Then like badly written software (TAOS joins the club) everywhere, when the internal buffer fills and it can’t send, it stops validating incoming calls and everyone gets hung up on.
If you set the address to a working system it will write the log file and start working again as soon as it reboots. You’ll get to read the logfile up until the lines starting with AKKK ARRGGG GAKKK CHOOOOKE!!!
I’d call the thing a POS if this wasn’t the first problem in 6 years…
But try to get tech support on a Saturday, they didn’t authorize my request for a login until this morning so I could download the man they forgot to include when we bought the thing. After 40 hours offline, we had it fixed 2 hours after we could RTFM.
The fun was the 450 users who couldn’t get online til then and were calling 1 after another. SO we got my gf’s 14yr old daughter to man the phone and front desk and gave her a script “recycled IP address caused a Looping error in line 120 of the RADIUS file etc”… she was even told if they asked what does that mean to read it again really slowly. And she’s really cute & innocent looking so only one bitch ragged on her all day while we hid in the server room… we were going to get her to tell everyone it was an ID ten T operator error.

ID10T operator error, that’s us
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

hire me : O )

ALso i got them cd’s thanks dude… now i have to find the actual installer version : O )

one is the LIVE CD and the other is the installer…