Anyone else's clocks running too fast?

All my clocks in the house are gaining about two to three minutes a day, of course the pc’s have the correct time as they keep time in a different way. I am assuming the hydro cycles are the cause, I dunno what else it could be, anyone else notice this?

Every clock in my house reads a different time…I usually just take an average and hope for the best.

Im on the east side of town and I guess the clocks here have gain 10-15 minutes  Thank goodness I thought it was just me

YA chrisj it’s a hydro  thing. my clocks doing the same thing too

Yeah, my clocks are gaining a lot lately.

I always thought it was aliens.

  Yep, my alarm clock has gained 15 minutes in the last week so I am early for work, for a change :smiley:

We are on Kemano power again…should be back to normal tomorrow…we hope  :unamused:

LOL, I have been able to get an extra whack at the snooze button last few days. Last night I went to correct the time and buggered the am/pm so it didnt go off this morning. I take a seaplane to work so if I am late I miss the flight and the whole damn day is toasted.

Yep. My clocks go 15 minutes faster every day.

The city says it’s gonna be back to normal in 2 weeks, it’s because were running on generators.