Anyone being asked to donate to the All Native Basketball?

My friend got a young guy to her door last night, claiming to be asking for donations for the All Native Basketball. She kind of thought it was a scam when she advised the kid that she didn’t have any money and he switched topics, asking if she had any money to help him out with a ferry ticket. The dude was carrying a clip board and said his name was “Danny”. I told my friend what I thought of the incident and pitties the little shit if he knocks on my door.

Just saying…

Yes, this is a scam. I understand that the All Native Basketball association has been told about them, but they haven’t made a public announcement regarding it, that I’m aware of. So maybe this could act like a public service announcement.

Thanks for the heads-up!

I saw something about this yesterday. Apparently the police have been made aware but my information came from facebook. I would hope they are aware.

That guy came by my place on Pigott day before yesterday when I was out shovelling snow near my house but not at my house. When I saw him on my deck I asked if I could help him and he said he was collecting for the All native basketball…got my spidey senses up, felt like he was casing the place.

He’s early 20’s, short hair about 6 foot tall and slim frame of native origin, holding a clipboard and wearing a beige snowboard type jacket.

You want his full name posted on here and address ?

Mr Tremblay has been at this for weeks, the po po have been notified! its also been reported that he likes to just walk in when the door gets opened. a co worker of mine had her vehicle broken into the same day he knocked on her door asking for donations, so yes he was “casing” the place out.

This fella stopped by our place in the Eagle this afternoon as well.

I was getting out of the shower the other morning and heard a knock at the door. I didn’t feel like rushing so I ignored it and got myself together. About 5 minutes later I walked by my front door and noticed this guy through the glass standing on the porch. When I opened the door he seemed very nervous and asked for $2 or $3 to help him raise for the BB tourney. I definitely felt like he was casing the place out.

Okay enough of this guy doing this stuff. Is there anyone here that knows what the law can do about this guy. I might just go to his house and pay him a visit or tell his guardians.

OMG, Really? I had him come to my door yesterday and I donated ten bucks. I have often seen him walking and smiling to himself. I thought he might have some kind of disability. I invited him to wait inside while I got my money. That really sucks. I know where he lives but is he dangerous? Should I be worried about being broken into at some point?

Don’t let him in your house, and tell him to take a hike! He’s casing the joint, and getting you to give him money to spend on god knows what! He’s walked into people’s houses while they weren’t paying attention, and it was said on Facebook he’s also been breaking into houses as well. If you see Danny in your neighbourhood, call the cops. Alert your neighbours, and tell them to do the same. He’s also not 6 feet tall… he’s more like 5’8 if that. Shaved head, average build, and big shoes, but not big feet. lol

He used to be a great basketball player, until he drank and drugged his life away. Now i’ts going to be one hell of a climb back, and he’s not going about it the right way.

I just seen a clip about this guy on the local news that said that he’s been taken into custody by the RCMP. Unfortunately for him, he knocked on an RCMP members door!

Thank you for this, Swede. :smile:

I’m really hoping that he has be caught. He was at my place this weekend on 7th East. I gave him a few dollars but he didn’t come inside as my dog was barking. He gave me a clip board to sign my name to. Looks like he got a lot of people that night saying he was fund raising.

So, the guy is taken into custody. What happens an hour later when he gets out of jail on a promise to appear? You guessed it, banging on the NEXT guy’s door asking to donate to the All Native Basketball, while casing the joint. And when he finally DOES get to court, let me predict what will happen. He will show up without counsel, and he will get “lucky”, the same counsel who defended E.T. on the Terrace matter, and argue on behalf of her new client that he suffers from FASD (and I quote) “which means he doesn’t understand that his actions are wrong.” I think I’ve nailed how this is going to play out. In the meantime, still keep an eye out for this guy!

He stopped by a location in the 1600 Block of 11th East this morning. Apparently he was going door-to-door. The resident didn’t answer the door after seeing him. He left. He was wearing a checkered jacket with tan / beige / light green and a clipboard in his hand.

It is 2.45 pm , a knock at my front door and who is knocking- The Fellow in the beige jacket, with his clip board. After reading about him on this site, I didnot answer my door, away he went to my neighbors with me watching him. When will he stop and why is he still doing this??

please donate to me instead.

After he has what he wants from your house ?

OR after he breaks into your house, you catch him in your house and you break his F’n fingers / hands.