Anybody interested in indoor climbing?

I may be getting my supervisor ticket so I can rent out the wall myself.  If anybody here is interested in committing one day a week to some indoor rock climbing (5$ a person for 3 hours) then please raise your digital hands. 

I’d be in. Climbing is pretty dope.

Alright!  We got one, any more?

i am definitely interested.  i used to climb in prince george and vancouver, just a beginner though.  but, i think that i am more middle aged than the rest of you.

hmmm. i may be interested. i used to have my belaying certificate and full gear back in the day

Well your Top Rope card or whatever they call it is good forever! 

And as for the gear it’s all supplied there minus the shoes.  You can use decent running shoes instead! 

dude go out to tyee with me and a couple of buds
i have a friend with a rope
tell me what you have for equiptment otherwise
the wall here is fun but you will become a way stronger
climber out at tyee. its about a 15 minute drive out of rupert
sick granite cliffs
fun place to repelle
<a href:“”>click photos
and go onto my flickr site there are a couple pics of tyee and friends
give me a shout

Yo man,

I have been to Tyee before but since I only have a harness and shoes I don’t really have the option of going out there! 

yes definately interested, I climbed in Sydney.  I do not have any equipment. is there a place to buy here in town or in Terace?

I still have my belaying card as well.  It is from Australia but should still be good here.