Anybody else need a gmail invite?

Anybody else need a gmail invite?

miguelb at the gmail

How come you get so many invites? I only got two so far.

I asked him the very same question earlier.
He must have some google shares up his sleave or something, hehe.

I’ve only got them one at a time, about five times. I had one earlier today, but it’s gone.

I been needin a gmail.

I think I read about getting gmail invites in your blogger acount if you have a blog. Do you get them as frequently as in your gmail account?

Send a request to steve.eso at if you need an invite.

Well, well! I got an invite on my account today!
sorry, I already had a friend lined up for it.

Ive got some invites…

I also have some, but I think everyone has gmail now.

joe dot reynolds at females dot kaam

I also have 6 now, so send a message the way of steven dot wilson at jee male dawt kawm if you’re in want or need of one of those fine Gmail accountses.

I had a gmail invite in my account… I wonder how long it was there for? I guess I just didn’t expect it to be sitting on the left side or something.

I’m pretty sure google gives them out in batches. If you only had the one in your account, you probably got it when everybody else here did. Which was like a day or two ago, I think.

I got seven invites today.

Wow, I think the soonest I’ve ever gotten one after another had a week between them. Only one at a time mind you.

Yea. I didn’t expect the invites to show up in the bottom left either.

If you still have any left…sure I’d like one!

w00000 I got 5 invites in each of my accounts today!

Im still waiting for invites damnit.

I wonder if one of the invites that I sent out not being used has anything to do with me not getting them very often.