Anybody buy a Zune yet?

Here’s a nice review in the Chicago Sun-Times: … 23.article

“You’ll find that the Zune Planet orbits the music industry’s Bizarro World, where users aren’t allowed to do anything that isn’t in the industry’s direct interests.”

"Zune is incompatible with Windows Media Player …  It’s incompatible with Microsoft’s own PlaysForSure standard, too. "

“The setup process stands among the very worst experiences I’ve ever had with digital music players. The installer app failed, and an hour into the ordeal, I found myself asking my office goldfish, “Has it really come to this? Am I really about to manually create and install a .dll file?””

“And why (for the love of God) doesn’t it support podcasts? That’s pure insanity.”

“No, the Zune’s sole wireless feature is “squirting” … music and pictures to any other Zune device within direct Wi-Fi range. Even if the track is inherently free (like a podcast) the Zune wraps it in a DRM scheme that causes the track to self-destruct after three days or three plays, whichever comes first.”

The reviewer didn’t mention it, but apparently you can’t even use the Zune as an external hard drive.

Oh, and it’s brown.

Sounds like Microsoft took the iPod, and made it shitty.  I mean, even the screen, which is bigger than the iPod’s, should be nicer, right?  But it’s the same resolution as the iPod’s, so you get a bigger but blurrier screen.

Wow.  The Zune is crap.  Thanks for posting that review, MiG:-) 
An ipod is the way to go.

This is microcraps attempt to copy the ipod and failed!

I watched tech tv connect and use one and it gave the good old blue screen of death when installing the drivers. They never got it working properly either… 

LOL, the blue screen of death, that is classic:-)  Good old M$. :smiley:

More on the Zune: … 1164734608

“The player, which stayed in the top 10 in sales in the electronics category for several days following its launch, has now nearly fallen out of the top 100.”

“Apple held six of the top 10 spots; SanDisk’s Sansa M240 held eighth and 14th spot; Creative’s Zen Vision:M also made an appearance in the top 20.”

“Whereas the iPod is expected to sell as many as 15 million players this holiday season, analysts only project Zune sales of about 300,000 to 500,000 units at most.”

My favourite part:

"Part of the problem may be the beating the Zune has taken in the hands of the media. Reviews of the product have been nearly all negative, with one going as far as calling the experience “about as pleasant as having an airbag deploy in your face.”

“The Zune is a complete, humiliating failure,” Chicago Sun-Times technology pundit Andy Ihnatko wrote recently. “Throw in the Zune’s tail-wagging relationship with music publishers, and it almost becomes important that you encourage people not to buy one.”"

I read some were that google could/should try and buy the RIA/ and MPAA and set the music and movie industry free. I dont know if google could do it alone maybe they could buy the RIA but not both RIA and MPAA but maybe google/yahoo could…you never know, :smiley:

That is absolutely hilarious!!! :smiley: 
M$ should go back to doing what it does best…er…making operating systems? :imp:

Well I don’t own one and don’t want one, I’ll keep my iPod thank you. But I found this from the Christian Science Monitor to add to the debate.

They even include a quote from Craig Ferguson of late night tv fame to help make a point.

“It has all the features of the iPod, only it’s not as good, and it’s five years too late.”