Any rules

Being new on this site, just wondering if there are any rules to this game. Noticed many topics but did not see rules to follow if any. Can it be used to find friends or check out music scenes around town?

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Thanks Princess of Power , I just read it and it seems fairly clear. So the trick is stay out of The Wasteland. So where is the best place to listen or catch good music in this town ? That would be blues , Jazz and some Bluegrass ? or is this a town with just heavy metal noise ? I noticed there is not much in the local news paper in this case rag .

I’m fairly new to town (one year), and just recently I started complaining how there isn’t much live music to go see.

I know that there is a “Jam” most Saturdays at the Moose Hall, and there’s a couple of local bands, but I can’t really help you much on this subject.

I’m headed to Vancouver in less than a month to see No Doubt, and hopefully head to a pub or something while I’m there to catch some other acts.

That is what I was afraid of hearing and where is the Moose Hall ? So enjoy Vancouver hope you find the music .

Yeah, I’m sure to have fun in Van.  I’m going with my best friend who lives down south, so it should be great.

The Moose Hall is on the corner of 7th STREET (not avenue) and, I believe 1st Avenue west.  Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

not much live music other than the same 3 or 4 local bands playing every weekend. and cover bands that come here. moose is beside the highliner hotel

Hire B.O.S.S. Blues Band from Terrace.  Awesome blues group.

Block Stock showcased some fairly talented young bands. Lucky for them they have the time to work on their goods.

True, night life in a town of 12,000 can be fairly limited but we are gifted by having those who wanna play.

The biggest problem for me are the venues. They are all kind of grungy, listless places.