Any one but Harper

[quote]RR, I question the wisdom of the people who have no food on their table and vote for a Party who will help the employer that just laid them off.
Do they really think that will help them somehow? They must.[/quote]

I fail to see how squeezing the remaining employers will help create (or retain) jobs. If you create a tax regime that tips the scales on a project (be it a mine, pulp mill, or manufacturing plant) the investors will look to other locations (quite possibly abroad) with more favorable financial climates. How many jobs does that create in Canada? I know investors who will not invest in mining companies with BC based operations because the profit margin is smaller than other locations with an equivalent resource. Additional taxes hurt investment. If no one invests, fewer jobs are created, hence more layoffs and unemployment. Who wants a savings plan that pays no interest? Who wants to pay a bank to hold YOUR money? Investors don’t.

Nova Golds, Galore Creek operations ground to a halt because of cost over runs. Do you think extra taxes would create jobs at this operation?

Within 6 months Dion will be out of a Job
Within 18 months so will Harper.

Thats my prediction.  :smiley:

His stepping down announcement could come as early as today, according to news reports.

Wow.  That will help to facilitate the rebuilding of the Liberal party.