Any metal fans out there?

Went to see Judas Priest with Black Sabbath last night, Sabbath was the original guys minus ozzy but had Dio who was ozzy’s original replacement. We were front row center, no more than 15-20 feet away from them onstage, this was a big night for me I have never seen a big rock show like that before so I bought pricey tickets to make sure I saw everything and boy did both bands deliver, it was an incredible experience i’ll never forget, I couldnt have had a better time! Well its back to bed for me, my ears are still ringing and I’m still drunk, if ya get a chance to see this tour do so you wont be disappointed.

Awesome stuff.

Priest and Sabbath are both legendary.

About 15 years ago I saw Judas Priest headlining with Megadeth and Testament opening.  Hallowe’en night at the Pacific Coloseum.  It was awesome.  Scary, but awesome.  Two words…roman candles.  It was impressive, and puzzling, how all the armaments got through security at the gate.

Cool! Testament opened the show we saw too, mind you I dont like them much, they were followed by Moterhead, then Sabbath, then Priest. I only mentioned Sabbath and Priest as I consider the first two insignificant compared to them so it was actually a 4 band show that started at 5:30 and ended at a few minutes after 11:00. The P.A. sounded absolutely awesome, 50 000 watts of sound power and 700 000 watts of light power made for a show nobody there will likely forget anytime soon, I spoke with lots of folks on the way out of the ampitheatre who have seen these bands many times and they all said this was priest at their best, far from being old and spawned out they have honed their show to perfection, tipton and downing’s guitar work was flawless, halford’s screams during painkiller felt like they were gonna crack my ribs, blows me away he can do that every night, the encore was truly the highlight of their set, hell bent for leather with halford riding out from under the drum riser on the harley followed by another thing comming, then closing with the TGMWTTPC. Here is link to the photos of the show from JP’s website, I am actually in one of the photos near the bottom with my fist in the air during downing’s solo in devil’s child, see if you guys can spot me :smile:.

I too saw that Halloween night concert of Judas priest with megadeath, it was the painkiller tour 1990, it was truly a memorable night. One of the top 3 concerts I ever saw in my life. Halford’s stage presence is legendary, he knows how to work an audience into a frenzy like no other - with the exception of Ozzy. I saw Ozzy in 1989 new years eve @ the long beach memorial coliseum in LA I think that was the only concert with more energy and excitement than the priest concert. Outstanding performances, top notch, I’m glad I saw them in their prime too. :smile:

Old guys rule. :sunglasses: