Any lucid dream lovers?

What goes up must come down, unless it keeps going and going off into space…
Try this in your dreams- Has anyone ever made it out of the earths atmosphere while they knew they were dreaming(lucid)

I used to lucid dream alot and made a few attempts but always hit a barrior of some sort… Usually when I fly in my dreams I have to push on the energy in the air and if I push to hard or too fast my arms swoosh right through and I get no lift… I have to increase pressure smooth and slow till I’m climbing on the air… anyways, the barrior was the upper atmospheres shild and when I hit it, it was like an electric wall. I was hitting the electric bubble and then I lost lucidity, back to a normal brainless dream…

another time I came to a celing like in a house and had to brake my way through the sheetrock. I broke through 2x4’s higher and higher Then I felt the fear of hights when I looked down. Fear made me fall and I broke boards on the way down, then again, I lost lucidity…

The best one was when I figured out that I didn’t have to leave the world to leave because the world wasn’t there in the first place… I was now floating in nothingness and I wanted my clothes to be gone also and I started to rip them off… Then I realized that they were figments too and they dissipeared… I looked down at my naked body floating with nothing around, just forever darkness. I still felt like the body had to go also… When my body vanished I felt everything that makes up everything and the power was too much for what I was used to… and again, I lost lucidity… I guess with nothing familar to grasp on to, I slipped…back to earth and in my body again…

You have a fear of fearing, that is your only limitaion.
As in driving or flying, be of controll.
Self realize, If you be embracing that which you experience, you can pass through instead.
Astrally, it is your mind playing tricks on you, to cause you to come crashing back. Be of totall release to appreciate, to voyage forth.

I once dreamed that I was very certain about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

How can you be certain without measuring it first?

Heisenberg was a High School Principal when the equation began to form. He could only be 99% sure of where a particular student was at a precise moment. Though there was a 99% predicability they could be at the pool hall or smoking up by the soccer field, there was always a 1% chance they could be in Physics class like they were supposed to be.
-exerpt from The Collected Essays of Johnny McWackle in Grade 11.

Explore “Predicate Calculus”.

There is a definitive increase in the probability as more and more data points are examined that corelate to the 2 aforementioned locations and activities. Time is another key dimmensional aspect.

What about the math concept of approach, rather than getting there?
1/2 way there, then 1/2 of the remainder, then again 1/2 of the remainder,… & so on into infinity?

This thread is seaking to the value of time, of here and the now. The past definitively greatly has influence which give predication to the future, unless a vector has occurred.

Who’s quote is this???

“He who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the future”

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