Any kayakers out there?

was just wondering if anyone has a used sea kayak for sale or knows where i can pick one up in town for a reasonable price. xx

We’ll Try Joe Paolinelli… He runs a buisness and has tons might be able to see you one ?

for about 1000.00 u can get a wreck kayak or Recreation kayak, with all the stuff brand new from Joe Paolinelli, i had one priced out for my trip next year.

I passed Joe’s today and there was a sign that said “kayaks for sale.”

thanks fellas,
dave did he include a skirt with that or paddels or was it straight up just the kayak? i think i should pay a visit to him, if he had a hybrid rec/tour like a necky manitou it would be awsome.

it included everything…
u wound need except life jacket

the wreck kayak is a bit different a normal kayak, its more open, the hole is much bigger, but it stll comes with spray skirt. and paddles and is still good for the ocean.