Any business with Pitney Bowes 9900 series 2000 Fax machine?

Anyone in Prince Rupert using a Pitney Bowes 9900 & 2000 Series FAX Machine?

Toss it in the trash! Buy a $89 Brother for the few Luddites who can’t email pdf’s.
Pitney Blows is an outfit to stay away from. As is any serious ‘business machine brand fax’.
Overpriced, under serviced, captive parts, arsehole credit dept.
If you like walking into the office and immediately getting the call "We noticed we haven’t received your monthly payment, and there’s the bill in today’s mail you just picked up…
Their postal machines are even worse, inkjets with $70 cartridges and dial-up data connections. Two companies Pitney Blows and PitneyWorks to mess up your book-keeping. No shit, one arm does not even have online payments in 2011 credit card by phone or old fashioned cheques only.
You can hand stamp 12 envelopes before the thing stops buzzing and beeping, then it takes about 20 seconds and $1 worth of ink to do each envelope.