Any asian film fans?

hey, has anyone seen:

“bright future” (SUPER creepy japanese film)

“purple butterfly” (starring the lovely Zhang Ziyi )

“last life in the universe” (kinda like “lost in translation” but in thailand and way more intense)

“dolls” (one of the most beautifully tragic and tragically beautiful films i’ve ever seen)?

those are my four favorite asian movies. i know that everyone likes “hero” and “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” and “house of flying daggers” (i do too) but there are other REALLY AWESOME movies out there that deserve to be checked out. if you want more info on my favorites, u can go http://www.palmpictures.comand watch the trailer or see the movies on DVD. lemme know what you think and leave any recommendations you might have. :smile:


Here are the Asain movies I have seen
Suicide Circle
Battle Royal 1 & 2
Blue Light
Dead Friend
ab-normal Beauty
Flying Boys
Bright Future
My wife the gangster 1 &2
Once apon a High school
Parasite Eve
Cutie Honey Live Action Movie
Eye 1 and 2
Dragon Head
ringu 1& 2 & 3
Volcano High
Call Once
Blue Spring
Wild Zero
Ju-One 1 & 2
Princess Blade
Dark Water
missed call
Spider Forest
Dark Water
St Johns Wort
Those are sum of the Asain movie I have watched Or own. some in DVD format I bought of Ebay and some I downloaded from the net.
I would have to say Suicide circle, Battle Royal 1 and 2, The Returner, Versus and Juvenile are the best that I liked.

Only one I’ve seen recedntly is Ongbak, and it was the one in Thai…

Nah, just the beautiful asian ladies. :smiley:

I liked that one alot. Shows where the martial arts movies are headed.

What was awesome was it was all real… no stunt doubles/special effects.

Take a gander at Ichi The Killer

A guy that lives on my floor is from Thailand and he met the star from Ongbak, says he’r a really nice guy not like the “arrogant american actors”.

They are using actual skilled martial artists who have not yet become famous and arrogant. I really like this new trend in martial arts movies getting away from all the surreal special effects like in ‘crouching tiger hidden dragon’ TOO PHONY. when there are so many excellent martial artists out there who can keep it real and deserve a shot at the big time. Astrothug, that is quite an extensive list! Impressive.

This reminds me of the rap/hiphop scence… mainstream vs. underground.

yes the list is lengthy, Asian movies are now being redone american style like The Ring and The Grudge, the ring 2 was nothing like ringu 2, too bad couse it ringu 2 had more story line on why the girl was the way she was. in ringu she lived in the well for almost 20 years, after being thrown in. I wont say anymore if you have the chance watch the originals.

My bathtub is just like the bathtub in The Grudge.

Man, that movie was horrible…so bad…but the bathtub was cool.