Another town to be sold out

New CAO named for Alpine City … 71832.html

I wonder who the politicos of Rossland want screwed over,
I understand Kumar left Grand Forks with 2 years left on a 5 year contract and Rossland also signed a 5 year deal with him.

I feel sorry for the towns of Trail and Rossland for even hireing this guy, dont thses people do their research before they do they hire?..they are goin to get screwed like he screwed us in PR. I have family in Trail and when im down there for my holidays i’ll be sure to look him up and when i do see him i’ll give him a good kick in the Balls and shit on his face.
Fkn guy needs to be shot before he ruins anther great community

when he was the CAO of Nelson, he was the cause of the City workers going on strike for the first time EVER.

How did this guy screw Rupert ?

I’m waiting to see him team up with a Mayor named Harold in a town called whitecastle.

LOL, maybe Guantanamo needs a Mayor and CAO…