Another Rumor for Rupert?

with in two minutes of this supposable happening, I got a txt stating that cops were down at the court house cause they found “another” 15 year old body…>now, I know I cruised around the area as I just got off work and I work near-by and had seen NO cops there and was surprised at the txt, Soooo off I went on a wild dog walk an to no surprise, no yellow tape, no police, no nothing…soooo…what has anyone heard… cause so far just another speculation on something that I (myself) have not seen anything…and think that this town is needing to get away from RANDOM things. lol…if this HAS happend…then That really sucks…but I can say, it isnt’ at the courthouse/sunken garden area… I know it is all over facebook on my “friends list” as ““Another one strikes in rupert?”” odd…

i’m praying it is a rumour

So am I  :frowning:

I got the same message by text…I certainly hope this isn’t true…this isn’t something to joke around to…someone is stupid to start something like this if it is false and should stop it

I received the same txt as well, funny how they knew it was female and 15 right away. I hope this is seriously a joke, and not a funny one at that.

that i REALLY odd that so many ppl got txt’s stating it was a 15 yr old…:frowning: stupid…Hope it is a stupid joke that someone should be shot for…

i got that text too…i hope its a rumour…we dont need n e more trajedies

Rumors, we all know how Rupert loves them in this halibut town.

We’d know by now if it was true. Or, at least, I would. And I haven’t heard anything about it.

So what special access do you have to all this info Bubbasteve? You must be pretty special to be so much in the know. I think most of us would have heard if it were a rumour or not by now, don’t you think?


  can’t wait to hear the response to this one…

i heard they found a drunk 15 yr old at the sunken gardens so somehow she went from being drunk to dead wow gotta love prince rumours

Good question though by Jazella

Yes, that is what I heard.

Dontcha know?!?!? Bubba knows EVERYTHING  :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :smiley:

Finally, someone who gets it!


I think Ajay and Bubba should hook up.
Anyone agree?

Is it so difficult to imagine that Bubba might be
privy to certain information before it becomes public knowledge?

I know more than a few who are.

I would not touch that one ain’t no way, I do not know Bubba but I would keep Ajaye at a distance. I mean does he really need another hero…lol