Another rich and famous visitor?

Interesting looking yacht parked in harbor for the past few days.
The Tribu. A meer $180,000 per week to charter. Can see quite well from my place. Only signs of life on board has been the crew cleaning the hull.Must be waiting for someone. Description below:

Biggest Yacht ever built by Mondomarine, M/Y Tribu is the new 50 metre Full Displacement Expedition Super Yacht, latest launch from the Savona Custom Builder. She is from a certain point of view quite unique being one of the few Expedition Super Yachts built in Italy but also designed by Italians, in this case Luca Dini and Massimo Vignelli. The Italian Design Team worked for a modern looking, clean lined Expedition Yacht something a bit different to what we are used to from this kind of Yachts. Interior space for this 4 deck yacht is for an owner stateroom which includes a personal gym and 4 double guest cabins. Crew accommodation is for 6 double cabins plus a separate double captain’s cabin.
Technical Data:
LOA - 50.50 m (165.6 ft)
Length - 46.00 m
Beam - 9.80 m
Draft - 3.00 m
Displacement - 620 T (loaded)
Fuel Tanks - 100.000 l
Water Tanks - 20.000 l
Engines - Deutz TBD620V8 2 x 1250 HP @ 1800 rpm
Speed - 15 knots maximum, 13 knots cruising
Range - 3200 nm @ 12 knots
Construction Material - steel hull, aluminium superstructure
Designer - Luca Dini & Massimo Vignelli
Interior Design - Studio Lissoni
Naval Architecture - Mondomarine & SYDAC
Classification - RINA C Hull Mac Y Charter Class SBL PAI Green Star
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Rich yes, famous not really. Think fabric…  :wink:

ooh oooh!  I’ll take a guess. Luciano Benetton?

Here it is in Buenos Aires: … 198235140/

got the name from the description :wink:

There’s a crew of 30 Italians for the 4 guests. Nice folks.

Very rich man indeed!
A shot of the ‘living room’.

Are the 30 crew sleeping on top of each other??  lol

Specs say there are six double cabins for crew and separate cabin for Captain.
So crew would be no more that thirteen, probably less than that.

Unless there are bunk beds or sleeping bags for the floor?  Heh

Their accent was pretty thick it could have beet thirteen not thirty. My Italian isn’t so good unless its chicago mafia italian from Hollywood.

Some people told me it was Jonny Depp and he went to the dollar store to buy his daughter toys-- that is what some of the employees said

  You must be new here as that was the rumour of the week a few weeks ago and as such, just a rumour.  He wasn’t here and the other regarding Rosie O’Donnell, also false.  We did happen to have a peek at the fella with the gorgeous sailboat in the harbour though.  White haired guy wearing a silver lame’ shirt…What a fashion statement, I am just not sure how to decipher it… :sunglasses:

Well, This morning in Prince Rupert, The “rich Visitors” seem to be leaving us with this gorgeous weather hear…Seen them cruising off probably a little faster then 5 knots.