Another Optometrist in Town

There is a new Eye Clinic with 2 Optometrists opening in the Ocean Centre this month. I’m stoked as I refuse to visit Barlow as my family have had nothing but problems there including incorrect prescriptions and poor and rude service from the guy in the lab.

Will be nice not to have to travel to Terrace for eye appointments and have the option of shopping locally again.

Welcome to Prince Rupert and wish them much success for years to come.

This is great news. I can’t stand the current optometrist or his staff. I would rather travel to Smithers to see Dr. Kreke than to go to Barlow. I think that Barlow will be out of business within the next year.

What is the name of the new Eye Clinic, Optometrists?

Omnieye + Vision Optometrists will be located @ #360 in Ocean Centre. Taking appointments starting April 6th. Phone is 250-627-8892. I missed the names of the Optometrists on the radio ad but were 2 names given.

Good to hear! In my time in Rupert, I visited Optometrists in Terrace and Kelowna rather than deal with the local guy, because of a bad experience there too.

I have an appointment with them on Thursday. I’ll let everyone know how it goes. It will be nice to be able to see properly again. I’ve had my current glasses for ten years, the prescription is bound to be changed by now.

Edit: This is there website, which has been updated in the day since I booked my appointment.

Good news indeed! I’ve been having problems with my vision as of late. It is good to have options.

You guys want to hear something about the great service @ Coastal?

I paid over $100 for new frames because I had broke my glasses, they called me a week after paying, I went to pick them up happy that I could see again.

After a couple of days wearing them, the paint or surface of the frames were chipping off to reveal the rusty metal of the frames.

I was so infuriated I went in there demanding to know why I would receive such awful service, they informed me they couldn’t do anything and wanted to know if I wanted to buy a different pair of frames.

Outraged, I’ll be going to the new guys.

Ditto… I couldn’t be happier to hear there will be “good competition”… soooooooo happy :smile: :smile:

A very common theme and definitely seems to be the consensus around town. I have heard a great many horror stories and I cannot remember one good one about the previous Optometrist, who wanted $300 for standard reading glasses that I can buy at the bargain or dollar stores for under $5 , and I’ll bet that $ 5 dollars that he is out of business in less than six months now that there is competition and another option for people here. Bye Bye now.

Not only is there new competition, but they’re priced pretty fairly too. I asked how much their frames were, and they start at 135 bucks or so.

Wish I could say something nice about the optpmetrist that has been here several years, but he was rude and unorganized, so add me to the list who wishes the new business well, and bye bye to the old guy.

Just came back from my appointment with them, they were friendly and accomodating. Even with my crutches and slow walk. :stuck_out_tongue: One of the owners used to live in kitimat, so he sort of understands what it’s like to live in the north. YAY Two weeks and I’ll be able to see clearly again!!


I’m new in Rupert, and until I needed to take care of my red eye, I didn’t know there are only 2 eye doctor choices here. Terrace seems so far to go. From this blog, doesn’t sound like the alternative in town is a good choice, but I did manage to see a Dr. Lau at the Ocean Centre office and it was great. He was was easy to talk to, nothing pretentious and my eye is better! Now I am waiting for my Versaces to come in, so excited.