Another one bites the dust

Employees at the Ocean Fisheries Royal plant have been told today that there employment at the plant will be terminated. A timetable has not been set for the plant de-comission and if they will operate for the 2012 salmon season.

What comes with something like this? Severage Pay? etc?

Ocean Fish was bought by Canadian Fishing Company last year, they are just closing the plant down and concentrating all of their operations at the Oceanside and Seal Cove Canfisco plants.

The workers at the Royal plant will be relocated to the other two plants.

They may merge senoirity list’s of the shore workers? As for the office staff,managers,engineer’s/maintenance they or SOL as they say. As well as the trucker’s and local stores used throughout the entire year of running,because it was a 365 day operation. I understand the pattison group does not require the 3 plants, I mean, there is NO competition now. But ce la vie’ I guess?..

Jimmey has to much control of the industry up here the union needs to set him straight.

yes lets let the unions set him straight and watch him shut the rest of the plants down in the process. that will set him straight.

Read Jimmy’s post-Expo 86 bio! He started this takeover before the book was published; it just took him longer than originally estimated. As for UFAWU’s power, ask youself what happened to the other unions, associations and brotherhoods since 1986? Who’s left in the industry? Pattison has been very methodical. It ain’t right, but apparently the provincial and federal governments (all parties included in this grouping, by the way) haven’y objected, and still don’t see a need to object! Neither did ANY of the unions!

A sad time continues unchecked, indeed!

Another thought…

The only thing he didn’t count on was the First Nations’ ability to utilize programs and resources to fight him, especially the newly-reformulated Lax kw’alaams Fish Plant operation!

Port Simpson???give me a freakin break…how many millions of OUR tax dollars have been wasted on that useless plant every time it went broke?Just look at how many plants have closed up and down our coast and you think Pattison is worried about Simpson? NOT !!!