Another missing dog

I think this is the first time I have posted on here, usually just read.  Since the members of this forum tend to be pretty observant about things that happen downtown, I was hoping you could help me out. 

Between 3:30 and 4:00 today (Monday, January 4th), one of my family’s dogs disappeared from in front of the Safeway.  He is a 12 week old puppy, and was tied up with two larger dogs.  Unless he developed opposable thumbs and learned how to operate a carabiner, he did not escape, but was taken.

Photo attached.  He weighs about 10 pounds, tan fluffy fur, blue eyes, curled-up tail.  Too young to answer to his name, and not fully housebroken.

If you can help out at all, please contact me through here. 

that is awful!!! good luck to u and our family we will keep our eyes open!

I will keep a look out too.  Hopefully he turns up. 

Ah, he is just beautiful and I will let the people know where I work and take a copy of his photo around that area also.  You never know, might get lucky.  Chin Up !

you should look around pr.rupert blvd or 11 ave area , as i was walking my dog by the skate board park  and see a young guy carrying a young pup up that way . i will keep my eyes open too .
hope you find him
it would be nice to have another way to contact you also .

Thanks for the help.  We will be putting some posters up tomorrow.  If anyone has any info, they can call me at 778-884-1415.

Thanks again.

Did you file a report with the RCMP?

I would imagine this would fall under the category of theft and they do tend to drive around town a fair bit so they might notice something if they know about it.

Hope that the pup is returned to you in short order.

That is the right thing to do and if whomever stole the pup is aware of all the attention, I would hope they would do the right thing too and return the puppy. Good Luck and please keep us updated.  We love our good news animal stories on here  :smiley:

The police are aware of this, and I am hoping a press release will be done in the morning.

I just hope whoever has him has a lot of patience.  He is not housebroken, he chews on everything he can get his teeth into, and he barks/cries all night.  He also still needs his vaccinations.  Whoever has him should be ready to invest a lot of time and money into him.  We are, and really want him back.

Will keep an eye out tonight and tomorrow,  I will also offer to be a “middle man”  for the person who took the puppy if they wish to return it,  I would assume no questions asked,  is that correct skinny?

What a generous offer and a great idea !  It would be awful to think the person who “borrowed” the pup was afraid to return it due to the ramifications and just let him go or something stupid like that.

Have you checked with Safeway to see if they have any surveillance cameras that may have picked up something.  Also good idea to go public and hope that someone saw the thief with your pup.  Crossing fingers that he is returned soon.

Safeway and other businesses in the area have been checked for cameras, nothing showing our dog yet.  And I think the police were going to be doing a press release today, if not, then tomorrow. 

thanks again for all the help so far, we really appreciate it. 

I still can’t believe some low life stole a dog…

How pathetic do you have to be to steal someone’s pet?

I have to assume you are someone with some connections as I doubt they would be checking cameras for just anyones’ stolen puppy or would they?  Maybe, anyway, I so hope he comes home soon and good luck with your search . You are right Bubbasteve, low lifes for sure. I guess there is a sad trust lesson to be learned here, we can’t leave our pets unattended anywhere anymore.

Yeah and next they will probably start stealing cars, Girlfriends and boyfriends. But yes it is lowdown and they may not even know who they are dealing with. I hope they will have second thoughts as to what they have done to the owner as well to the poor puppy which needs meds.

I have to assume you are someone with some connections as I doubt they would be checking cameras for just anyones’ stolen puppy or would they?  [/quote]

Actually, as on here, everyone I have talked to has been extremely supportive.  When I explained what happened, no one has hesitated to do what they could to help.  There really are some good people in this town. 

Any news on the search for your pup??

I am pretty sure after looking at the well produced poster on a lamp post that I met that beautiful pup a while back at the SPCA when it came in from Port Simpson with another pile of little guys who were saved. I feel in love with that little guy if it is the dog. Still looking and yes wish you good luck.

Still nothing.  There have been a few possible sightings, but we still haven’t found him.