Another major earthquake

8.2 in Northern Sumatra

Tsunami warning.

You mean 8.7…

Yeah, 8.7. Another one came 30 minutes later at 6.0. Any Tsunami concerns yet?

Well, the one that devestated southeast asia in December was a 9.0, so I bet an 8.7 could throw a real god tsunami, if the conditions were right.

on the usgs web site check out how active the local faultlines are around here, the big one could happen right here just as easily some day. When the ground starts shakin head for high ground, Mount Hays could get really crowded.

Yeah, the possibility of siesmic activity is a big barrier and arguemented point in the debate of persuing offshore oil around you guys.

When I was a kid, I went through a 6.8 earthquake, and that scared the hell out of me. Granted, I was only 6, but still. Earthquakes are not pleasant at all…I really hope Rupert doesn’t get one. Ever since I moved here, over seven years ago, I can remember several people saying we’re supposed to get hit by a big one… :confused: :open_mouth: Me no likey.

Rupert gets hit by seismic activity tidal waves all the time… it’s just that they are 3 inches high by the time they get here.

I remember a few times in elementary and high school that the kids that lived in Metlakatla and Dodge Cove would be rushed home during the day because word of a tidal wave had spread, and they had to get home before it hit. But of course, by the time the wave “hit” the shore, it was miniscule and no bigger than a normal wave.

I think all these activities are linked to terrorism. They are busy fucking around underground. Or something very drastic is going to rip through the entire ocean waters.

I remember back in the seventies the US military did an underground nuclear test on Amchitka Island up in the Aleutians and everyone feared it was gonna cause a tsunami all down the alaska / BC coast which never materialized, but everyone went down to the waterfront to see it, I think most people might respond a little differently now, realizing the devastation that is possible, like I mentioned previously Mount Hays would be a much safer vantage point.
A couple of things come to mind, all the underground nuclear testing done by vaious countries over the years has very likely contributed to the instability of the earth’s crust we are seeing now, which otherwise may not be so frequent nor severe? Also this one I mentioned in the seventies, when the Canadian government and numerous enviromental groups caused a furor in the media before it happened the US sent John Wayne here to smooth things over and do PR work for the need to do this and keep up with the Russians at the time. I was about ten at the time and didn’t realize the signifigance of what was going on, I was more thrilled to see the ‘DUKE’ than anything else.

there were no tsunamis

somebody watched “the core” too many times…

This one was quite deep in the earths crust @30 km’s down. and must have been a more horizontal shift of the plates instead of vertical which caused the real bad one previously, which was also much closer to the surface.