Another cat?

Okay, just wanted to see if this was normal or not.

This cat has been hanging around our house for about three days now. I wouldn’t find this weird if we hadn’t already taken in a cat who wouldn’t leave a few years back.

I know it’s normal for cats to do this, and roam around, but this is the second time it’s happened here. Cute little calico thing, hanging around for about three days now. Smells like it has a home… isn’t mal nourished or anything.

Do cats have some sort of system going on where they tell their other cat friends where the suckers who will take them in are? My dog hates cats, he only puts up with ours because it wouldn’t leave lol

I’ll post a picture of the little bugger tommorow when it’s brighter out for a picture.

It just seems odd to me.

You remember that episode on Bugs Bunny Tweety Bird hour; when Sylvester and his wife took in this mouse and all the other cats hung around their house?  Yah, I think cats know what going on and I think they wanna mooch ya food and comfy.  :wink:

  Is he now the newest member of your family??  Congrats… :smiley:

Also, some cats get very sneaky.  When we owned a cat and fed our well; we had other cats coming around waiting for the grub outside.

He’s not a new member yet. My dog keeps chasing him away, and it’s only a matter of time untill our cat freaks out and beats him up…

We haven’t let him inside yet, but he’s hanging out at the door.

It’s only a matter of time, the cat we currently have did the same thing, we found the owner, but it kept coming back to us… Weird, he’s been here since too. Old bugger.

I think the cats are in kahoots.

I think they are too …And you know he is probably very, very cold outside and it is raining and you have a nice, warm house and he is little and wouldn’t take up much room and he needs water as he can’t drink from puddles and , and, um-m-m-m, he would love you forever and be friends with your dog  :smiley:  Can’t you let him in huh, please  ? 

The answer is obvious: eat him.

I would let him in, but the dog might eat him.

Do you hear that rain out there?  Are you going to be getting up all night to have a peek to see if he is OK and he will look up at you with those big, sad eyes…Those, please let me in eyes, I will gladly sleep in the bathtub eyes, I really won’t mind and I won’t bother the dog. I will be quiet if he comes in to get a drink from the toilet.  Ah, come on bubbasteve…You want to get some sleep tonite, don’t ya?    :cry:

LOL Aww codybear, our cat stays outside all night, there’s lots of little places around our house that he hides…

Well, he’s not out there this morning. Maybe he’s trying to be fed more, and he goes home during the day. I’ve only seen him at night.

If he comes back tonight I’m going to get a picture of him.

I saw him out on the highway with his little sign that bubbasteve didn’t want him and he has left town with all his meager little belongings, catnip, spare mouse for snax for the journey and a bottle cap he picked up to play with…He is a very, very sad kitty  :cry: but maybe he will change his mind or no one will see him in the tall grass and he will come a callin’ again tonite…And so the sad saga continues…

If it was my choice, he would be in the house. But I’m not the only one who lives here. Haha. Maybe he gave up the thought of getting fed at our place, and decided to go back home to where he knows food is.

Well, the cat came back. No sooner than we thought he was gone, the dog was tearing off through the kitchen barking like mad and sure enough, there was the cute little bugger.

Does anyone recognise him/her? He’s so affectionate, cute, cuddly. I really hope we can find his home. My current pets are none to happy with the “intruder”.

Well he certainly appears well looked after and well fed…Beauty !!  Looks similar to mine but she is an indoor cat petrified of the outdoors…She was a rescue from an owner who had left her outside tied to a tree until her collar started to grow into her neck FFSakes !!  Good Luck bubbasteve, I hope the owners can be found soon. What area of town ?

I live on Herman place. If you know where that is, around piggot and kaysmith.

He’s gone again. The dog must have chased him away. But I’m betting he will be back.

You had to put up a picture, that is a beauty and I would take that in my house without a second thought.

No you wouldn’t Justin Case…That Diva gal there wouldn’t allow it… :smiley:  She’s purty but mine is a trivia whiz queen… :sunglasses:

My cat is a grouchy old coot… But so loveable… This is a pic of him in the christmas ornaments, last christmas…

By the way, I haven’t seen the little bugger since I took the picture of him… So maybe he went home.