Another Attempt Child Abduction

A friend told me there was another attempt child abduction today, kinda gets to me that there’s no media alert out or they could let the schools know so they can send letters home to the parents. They mentioned on Scanner~land that he was driving a brown truck and he had blond hair. I sure hope they catch this person.   

You are correct in that there is yet another child abduction attempt.  This particular instance matches the guy of the previous attempt.

You wrote, in part:  “kinda gets to me that there’s no media alert out”.

Actually, there was a media alert on this following the previous attempt, together with a composite sketch in the daily paper.  Judging by when this recent attempt occurred and when the cut-off for printing is at the Daily News, would probably equate to no media alert.  I have it on good authority that there will be an alert in Tuesday paper.

I agree too, that I sincerely hope they catch this guy!

Come on,  Blonde hair,  brown truck,  its Rupert for goodness sake.  Surely we can get a little organized,  take photos of every brown truck,  get an ID on the truck from these kids,  and work from there.  Really how many brown trucks are there in Rupert,  and with blonde male drivers.

Good Post…

Get a party togther and find the Son of gun.
Its rupert for god sakes.  I would drive around till I found the truck and then wait for the driver then call the cops…wink wink…
I am surprised that they havent found someone yet…amazing.

Just got into the office and found more info sitting on the fax machine. Includes a description of the individual and the vehicle involved.

Prince Rupert RCMP are asking for the public’s assistance in solving an attempted child abduction in the city’s west end on Monday night. … 54399.html

Rec’d school advisory this morning, info coming home with kids, Kootney & McKay, same description, same vehicle.

The descriptions of the truck and the creep are getting very specific…so what is the problem in finding this guy? This community needs to coordinate an effort and get this guy in jail.

Pitchfork, tar, feathers,  and torches…  Let get looking…

The driver is described as having light skin, blue eyes and blond hair with dark streaks hanging just above the shoulder and was wearing a jean jacket, ripped jeans and tan coloured boots.

He was driving a full size brown truck with a black picture on the tailgate and a toolbox in the back of the truck.

I hope and am sure the police are acting quickly,  but rupertites need to be hyper vigilant,  and keep an eye out for this guy and the truck. 

My fear is of one of two things happening, 

1)  the guy sees the discription of him and hides,  only to come out later when people have forgotten, or

2)  the guy sees the discription of him and decides to be more agressive in his undertakings.

  The person may not even be from here, driving in from terrace, kitimat etc. They should send out an Amber alert or something similar using the road condition signs on the highways.

By any means possible…

my #1) hope is that somebody knows or recognizes this creep and reports him to the authorities.

I have been looking and see no similar reports coming out of other communities fitting the description. Scary to think this guy is walking around town(I wish he would be dumb enough to drive), going about his business.

get involved community watch programs…be proactive not reactive…rupert is small…remember all those hiding places when you were a youth? Find this guy before he commits his ultimate goal of abduction…because the warnings and descriptions are there and it has not slowed him down any…not street justice phone rcmp.
This has got to stop.

Instead of sitting inside on these nice nights. Hit the front deck/porch/stairs bundle up a bit. Get a hot drink and a cordless phone. At some point this guy will do this again. It is a disease with no fix. Enough people scattered through out town and this could be brought to an end.

He will continue to be brazen and start feeling invincible. Before this happens, and some innocent child is harmed, I suggest we all look down those alley’s and dead end streets. Note licence plates and location and notify the boys and girls in blue.

im beginning to wonder if theres any truth to these attempts or is it just kids giving an excuse for being out late ?

i know im the bad guy for thinking this i have 3 kids i would never want this to happen . but really with how small this town is why is this guy not found? rediculous really

I had the same thoughts, I can only trust the RCMP are guaging the quality of the witness,  Ie: were they out late,  with out permission etc…

I dont think it happened late at night, these were young kids, not even tweens!!  I’m taking their story as true and accurate, When it comes to child abduction, its better to safe than sorry. 

It’s a sad thing to think of but not like it hasn’t been done before.  You would think with a target description as that, right down to the logo/decal on the tailgate that someone, including freinds, family and acquaintances in this town would have seen it.

I know tommorow I will be out looking for this vehicle to try and put an end to this

I know the RCMP have sent out extra patrols specifically monitoring areas where children are gathering etc.  It is good to see the extra patrols, but as soon as they stopped we have another attempt, sounds like someone local.  Good post about getting out at helping out ourselves.

  Maybe not related but just as disturbing. I work with a fellow who while walking out to his vehicle this morning saw a black object on the front seat of his vehicle. He opened the door to a strong stench of booze, his vehicle was messed up, and lo and behold the person in the front seat passed out. He said his first instinct was to drag them out, but realized he better not. He woke the person up and saw it was a young woman no more then maybe 15 (they thought).
  He told her he was calling the ambulance and police and she said she was fine and had to get home. She booked off running up the street, he sent the RCMP in the same direction. His 6 year old daughter then started the questions, who was that?, why was she in our vehicle?,etc.
He said the smell of booze was overpowering, and his vehicle still smells now. It was a Tuesday night and that is what the youth are doing!,crazy.
  He did say he was going to talk to the RCMP to see if they caught up with her, maybe they will have a talk with her parents?.