Animal bylaws

I’ve been trying to find information on the bylaws in Rupert…I don’t have time to go to city hall and ask since i work during the day and i dont want to leave a message with the bylaws guy if i can help it. Are there any links that connect to an online archive of the bylaws? Or if someone knows and can privately answer some questions for me that’d be awesome

Ask away if you have questions. Someone may know the answer.

Found this link (pdf) not sure it answers all questions, but it may answer a few: … ontrol.pdf

and here: … _section=4

It’s more along the lines of exotic animals…i know there are people in town with parrots, snakes, lizards, etc…but i was wondering what the bylaws are for exotics. Are certain species not allowed? has more information on this sort of thing. The laws might be provincial rather than city.