And yet another new Prince Rupert website

I started  a few weeks ago.  I post the Provincial Government news releases, the NDP news releases and am attempting to update the calender of events when I get a chance.  I write stories as do others.  I wish I was there to observe your council chambers activities, and the squared regional district.

Anyone can contribute to anypart of the site.  News stories, reporting, pictures, business listings, classifieds, calender event listings (years in advance) etc etc.

I’m lookin to upload a good map of rupert and port ed.  then we can move flags all over the map to locate key spots.

I just found this forum and read about the other sites so I thought I’d show off this one too.

It’ll take time to build up all the features but I haven’t found a more complete package that is this easy to use anywhere.

Let me know what you think


Man oh man, it’s getting clogged on the blogosphere! :unamused:

There is no scientific evidence supporting the theory that greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for the clouding of the blogosphere.

Ahhh. . . I don’t treat this like a blog, it’s more like an alternative news source to the standard commercial news that is afraid to report the truth cause it might cost them advertising revenue.

I don’t want to tell you what I did with my friends last weekend, or on my trip to mexico.

This site is an open site where serious reporting and contributions by independent citizens can take place.

But I can see that folks in Rupert seem to be pretty active online.

My objective with all these sites is to provide an open and useful forum.

I may end up being some of the chaff that blows away in the cleaning, but I’m hoping to be the kernal of wheat.


I just took a peek at your new site. I must say, it looks fabulous, almost every story posted interested me;). Very well laid out, certainly not too busy.  I really like your full instructions as well, I will be passing your site onto others who I know will enjoy it just as much. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds like this is your first post and being as Merv is the poster about the site. And Merv is Rob Ritchie’s brother, is your name Rob Ritchie?

Now this is getting interesting…

When I’m not looking at the newest conspiracy theory, I enjoy going to a few Prince Rupert websites; these include
I’m not one for glitz and glamour, plain and simple makes me happy. 

Yup, thats right, I am Rob Ritchie’s brother.  No relation, that I know of, to Leanne who writes for the Prince Rupert Daily News, Glacier Press.

What I can say about that last comment is that Rob would certainly not, IMHO, comment on this.

I was living a peaceful life in the Shuswap when he called and advised that he had been royally ripped off and asked if I could help.  I did in some very big ways.  I even convinced a very good friend of mine to invest huge.  I moved up and helped set up a newsprint press, learnt how to operate it and for some obscure reason, that I have yet to fully comprehend, Rob decided that he needed to abandon the whole concept. 

At this point I had to also learn how to report, write, edit, do sales, circulation and every single facit of the newspaper industry.  I am a very quick learner.  Of everything except people and personalities.  I had previously never had any involvement in this industry.

As many might remember “The Northwest This Week” , started in April was running up until the end of August last year.  That is when my wifes cancer returned with vigor and she died in November.

As I, at that time (August), was single handedly doing everything, when I took her to Kelowna for treatment, the entire thing shut down.

I have a lot of integrity.  I feel very responsible for the six digit debt of my friend, the investor. 

January I decided that I would attempt to revive the potential from the basement level.

Here I am.  Exposed for all to see.  I don’t care what attribute you apply to me but please make it due to my character not somebody else’s.

The investor has allowed me to look after his interests and therefore the newsprint press is still within my concern.  Lots of paper, plates and ink.

Should I come up with a salesperson that isn’t burdened by my surname, willing to take 20% and fill 8 tabloid pages weekly, I will fire the press up again.

Oh my gawd, did I tell everyone my plan???

I don’t care what your product is.  If you do a good job, respect your employees and your customers, provide an honest service, you can’t help but be successful.

This online content is all free and is supported by sponsors. I am not making any money.  If we do a print medium it will be paid for by display advertisors. Then we can make some good coin.

Check out the site.  Many others are contributing and are making a huge impact on the available community news. 

My game is to provide an alternative source of published news that isn’t solely based, or biased on the interests of the advertising revenue.  I am not right wing or left wing, I am for children.  As my wife Moon would say, “If you don’t like my gate, . . . don’t swing on it!”

She would also sign off with,

Love and Light


Ummm alrighty then…I screw up my previous forum account (from which I have only every posted a couple of times, changed email, entered the wrong one (.com instead of .ca) I have created a new one…thought I would post how well done this guys site is and suddenly I am hmmmm shall I saw a farce? Oh, right, a relative :unamused: Seriously, how sad that people on this forum jump to such odd conclusions.

What party did you vote for? I’m looking for a left-leaning source of information I can bias my opinion with…


~Good show on the website Papamerv  :smiley:

who the hell is Rob Ritchie? from some of the coments it seems like he was someone of intrest to rupert, and the web sites look great Papamerv great job, and if your comment about

good for you its about time someone was not held back by the blinded masses of sheep. we also need people that are for the children.  :smile:

[quote=“the punisher”]
who the hell is Rob Ritchie?[/quote]

Rob Ritchie used to be the Grand English Spam Masta of North Korea, but he escaped to Canada because he can’t handle 200g of South Korean food aid a day. Our agents are still tracking him down. He will be food aid when he gets back eventually.

I have been emboldened! I too am for children. There. I said it. And puppies too.

Bob Ritchie is kid Rock’s real name

did you know Axl Rose’s real name is Bill Bailey?  now you do

John Wayne = The Duke = Marion Morrison