And the votes are in

early results out of skeena-bv

show cullen with a huge lead must have been the civic centre polls :smiley:

Hmm Conservatives getting close to a majority and the Libs are dead in BC

Liberals…  :cry:

They lost Richmond…

well they ran like the worst campaign in the world so I’m not terribly surprised

I know… I wonder why they have Dion as their leader in the first place… this is sad.

I hope Vancouver Kingsway doesn’t turn blue… go Wendy Yuan…

wasn’t just Dion, even up here it’s more like they were just showing the flag than anything else, they didn’t give their candidate here any support not one visit from what passes as a liberal heavy hitter, no real money for advertising, just hey run and hope for the best

If Harper gets a majority Dion won’t be the Liberal leader in the next election.

That’s also true…

Anyway… good thing Skeena-BV is still Orange… you people are totally dead if Sharon Palin gets the seat… O.O

well it’s looking a little less likely now, the numbers have stalled in the early forties

thoiugh I think Dion is done as well now, he lost way too much in Ontario, strangely enough he picked up votes inQuebec where he’s not particularly liked…

If Harper gets a majority we’ll be dead… +_+

LOL well no, not quite, a little melodramatic there

Oh man the Libs are even losing to the Greens in Skeena BV

Yeah…Hondo is a very popular teacher at the college.

The liberals never did much except post a few red signs around…
I think they must have counted Rupert first but CTV declared Nathan the Winner!!

They must be counting the votesin the east as the tories just jumped up to 1200 to Cullen’s 1700

Dion shouldn’t be the only leader in trouble.
What say you about a Harper that can’t win a majority with the weakest opposition ever…

they were just discussing that on the cbc

I wont rest till I see that Sharon does not get in…

Yeah…her vote count is still climbing.  I think Nathan will take it.  I hope. :smile: