And in really important news

The Cognitive Tools pulled out a last round stunner to leapfrog to victory in the annual SPCA quiz night.  Congratulations Sandy and the rest of the CHSS teachers. 

And congratulations to the SPCA and its volunteers for putting on one of the best fundraisers imaginable.

Yes well done to Wendy and Barb for a job well done. I know there was much work put in by those two with the baking and also trying to get things together…Bravo Bravo…

Thank You everyone for participating in our annual “FUN” Raiser  :smiley:  I am so happy to hear positive feedback as it was GREAT fun !!!  Thank you to Keith, our always entertaining and hard working Quiz Master and to Barb for all her dedication and planning of this event. Thank you to my fella too for all his help !! We will see you all next year, same time same place !!!  (Why does this sound like an Oscar speech, and the award goes to ??  :sunglasses: )

It was a good time and though our team came in last … we really did try. If only we went with the first answers.  Oh well it was fun … see you next year.

  Glad to hear you had a good time maxwell  :smiley:  We always have fun but if you or any of the other team members have any ideas on how it could be improved (not that it could :wink:) please pass it on…Thanks again !