And in Hillary's corner


Standing up for Hillary Clinton in her hour of need…


Well if that was Jack’s idea, I have to give it to him. Well played out, but in the end will it be Hillary. Good ad.


Hillary can’t handle the truth.


LOL, fortunatley for Madam Clinton, they didn’t choose any clips from One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.  Imagine trying to live down a comparison to nurse Ratched… especially on her health care policies…



When will celebrities learn that the average voter doesn’t care about who they support and want people to vote for?


Tell that to all of the sheep who’ll do whatever Oprah tells them to do.

Not that I mind her endorsement of Obama.


The day after Hillary’s policies are on Page One and Britney Spears’s actions are on Page Two…


I would be happy if Britney and the like disappeared from the face of the universe.


I think that, but then I can’t drag myself from


haha, i love that site…