And in comes another system

Environment Canada issues an Extreme wind and weather warning for the North Coast … e.html?bc9 … ric_e.html

The BC River Forecast centre issues a High Streamflow Advisory … 0Coast.pdf … ml?cmp=rss

Tis the season. I can’t wait until it works it’s way further south. I LOVE storms!!!

Latest sat: … thod=flash


Then your gonna love it here !

Hey, I grew up running from tornadoes and electrical storms. This weather is a piece of cake. It’s like living in a carwash. :smile:


Hurricane force wind warning in effect.
Wind southeasterly 20 knots increasing to southeast 35 early this afternoon and to 45 to 55 this evening. Wind increasing to south 55 to 65 near midnight then diminishing to southwest 40 to 50 early Friday morning. Wind diminishing to southwest 25 to 35 late Friday morning and to 20 Friday afternoon.