America's Army

Has anyone gotten their hands on this game yet? It is a free download on the their site. It is about 700 Mb +.

Seeking other local members to form a team. We have three so far.
All you do is do your training in the game, upload all your scores on the net and you can deploy into a war. It is ALL online multi-player.

Or, I could make copies of the game for whom ever needs or wants one.

I used to play and it was pretty fun, but I won’t have any time to join a team. Maybe if you guys are still around in a couple months

Cool Ivan, by then we should be drafted! :laughing:
But yeah, this is probably the best free game I have seen in a long time.
Or, the only time.

I remember when 1.0 came out and no one could complete the initiation missions because the master servers were fluttery.

IMO, best free game ever: Enemy Territory. to d/l.

Enemy Territory eh, I’ll give it a check out. Thanx.

Also, did anyone try that JFK game they have out? All I have seen was the demo. The American’s say it was made for Education purposes.

I did try the demo, well watched it anyways, you could do everything on the demo but SHOOT! The closes or the person whom scores the highest wins cash!!!

I forgot the link but there should be info on