American version of "The IT Crowd" … dy-series/

Looks like NBC will make an American version of “The IT Crowd” – let’s hope it’s a good Americanization of a British comedy (like “The Office”) and not a horrible failure (like “Red Dwarf”).

Heh, I kind of liked Red Dwarf, it was weird, stupid and campy, in a fun way.  But, yeah, I’m up for a good IT show:-)

Red Dwarf was great.  The American version sucked.

Ahhhhh, I miss-read your post:-)  Yes, Red Dwarf was funny stuff indeed

The Americans made a Red Dwarf?  That can’t have been good.

Jane Leeves (Daphne from Frasier) played the part of Holly in the US version.  It sucked, apparently.

I’m glad I missed that turkey! :smiley:

I’ve seen it. There was a copy floating around the net years ago. And yes, it did suck.

Then they tried to make another pilot, and this time the cat was played by Terry Farell, aka Jadzia Dax from Star Trek DS9.

Thx. I need a name for the new backup server (all trek names). Forgot about Dax.
Data and Lore are the twinned web units we’re building now.
Scotty & Torres just got retired, Sulu’s retiring and Paris last year. Q and Picard just got turned on.
Janeway’s a stubborn old girl, been running RedHat 6.2 since 2002 and Borg even looks like one ( an old Asus Terminator 700Mhz… the nonstandard power supply died long ago and isn’t made anymore. So there’s a 400W sitting on the floor beside it with the power cables poking thru )
I forget what we called the quad xeon that died. The one before it died so often we renamed it from Neelix to 'Crewman 1" LOL

I would have gone with “YITRS” (you in the red shirt) instead of Crewman 1, but that’s just me :wink: