American Liberal elites make plans for a possible exile

If things don’t go their way on November 4th, will the vast Liberal elites of America begin the search for a more suitable homeland?

If the land of McCain/Palin looks too scary for them, there’s always Canada, eh!

That is so true, I have thought of this possible move on their part, The Caribou Barbie is scary enough I believe so if your moving here please do not let her know where you are going.

This poll looks promising for Obama. :sunglasses:

[quote] WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Barack Obama has expanded his national lead over Republican John McCain in the U.S. presidential race to 10 points, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

Obama leads McCain 52 percent to 42 percent among likely U.S. voters in the latest three-day tracking poll, up from an 8-point advantage for Obama on Tuesday. The telephone poll has a margin of error of 2.9 percentage points.[/quote]


It’s stupid shit like this that makes me want to vote for Mccain.  WAH WAH, I’m going to leave if Mccain is elected.  I’ll help them pack their freaking bags, and personally take them to the airport. 

I think the GOP can sure use your vote, Carnevil.  :smiley:  The video is supposed to be a joke, methinks.

LOL, Saturday Night Live not withstanding, satire has never been a comfortable place for the Republicans. 

I fully suspect that more than a few actually believe that this is a bona fide sanctioned video put out by them socialists up above North Dakota and along the line.

That being said, I suspect that they would be more than willing to pack for the liberal elites and drive them to the border… Especially the ones they feel are anti-American.

Man sometimes you get the feeling they haven’t moved very far from the fifties after all.

Oh course they can count on my vote, if I’m not washing my hair.  I’d have to cut my own hand off if I did that.  Yeah the video is satire, but the fact that some people feel this way still annoys me.  When Bush got reelected people started pulling this shit.  Just because your dude doesn’t win that doesn’t mean you have to cry about it.  I think Obama has my Vote, he’s smarter then the old guy.

Good to hear, Carnevil! :sunglasses: 
Agreed.  Obama is certainly smarter than the geriatric senator from Arizona.

I agree with you that it’s annoying when people threaten to leave the US and come here.  On the other hand, I could see why.  From up here, the democrats look like an “ok” political party, somewhat like our conservative party here ( I’m not sure if they are more to the left than the canadian PC).  But the republicans are  certainly at the extreme right of our political spectrum.  On top of that, the republicans officials and their supporting pundits ( Limbaugh, Coulter and so on) always come across as aggressive, take everything you can and screw everyone else.  It’s almost as if they want the rest of the world to hate them so they can justify the defense department budget and attack other nations. 

It’s very telling about the party’s direction when McCain, who seemed more moderate,  picks an ambitious zealot like Palin for running mate.  It’s also very telling when another moderate republican, Colin Powell, endorses Obama instead of McCain. 

I would be labeled as a very liberal person in the US.  However, that doesn’t mean that I have to say that everything the republicans do is bad.  I’m sure there are very smart people who, despite their conservative views, work for the best interest of the country and of the world.  But the lies and attitudes that this party continuously spits out sure makes me think that the US citizens are being part of a huge screwed-up, war-ridden social experiment and historians of the future will refer to it as the dark era of american democracy.
I’m a Canadian and I’m proud of that but modern democracy wasn’t born here, it was born in the US.  So I am quite shocked to see that the birth place of such an important concept is becoming the best example of what not to do.  I hope the trend isn’t  continuing and an Obama victory would be a sign of relief for the world.

PC would be much more left than our so-called Conservative party, which is really just a re-badged Reform Party.  Most true Progressive Conservatives don’t have much to do with Reform.

And if you think that the Canadian party furthest to the right still believes in universal health care, then they are still to the left of the Democrats.

I think it’s telling that the NDP wanted to drop the “new” from their party name and just be known as the Democrats.

-> I agree with you that it’s annoying when people threaten to leave the US and come here.

Me too, cuz they never do.

When Bush got reelected people started pulling this shit.  Just because your dude doesn’t win that doesn’t mean you have to cry about it. [/quote]

I have met quite a few American’s who have immigrated to Canada. Especially in the White Rock and Parksville areas. I would also say it happens a lot more than you think. I got the impression that it was not necessarily George W. that drove them out but rather I think it was the entire course of action his administration took after the 911 attack. It seemed that a lot of them could not support the war in Iraq etc, and felt that they had no alternative but to leave. I also recall that these were not all Democrats either. But the truth of the matter is America was built on people who moved there because their dude didn’t win.