Ambulance on 3rd Ave tonight

Hmmm saw the Ambulance, fire truck and police cars in front of the Inlander tonight around 8:30pm. Does anyone know what they were there for this time?

No but please tell me there are only aabout half a dozen people living in there

I wonder why this topic has been started with a smiley face?  Weird.

its not a smiley face its a cheesy face.

the sad thing is that… there seems to be always something happening there… and YES… we all really wanna no!! otherwise why would we be checking this out…

Maybe the Chairman came back to visit for xmas!

I heard that there was a fire, but everything is okay.
I was watching the lights on the security camera at work, luckily they must have gotten it under control.

Yeah, same thing I had heard, about the Fire.

I overheard a RCMP officer mention “smoke” and “controlling”

so yeah, pretty sure it may have been a fire :smile:

but yeah totally, I hope everyone’s fine.

thanks for the update. For this small town there always seems to be something going on.  I hope that everyone was okay and I cannot understand why the city does not demolish that building. It is a fire trap and should have been torn down ages ago.

If the Inlander ever burns it will be a disaster and there would be people killed and homeless. There are kids involved as well. yes it would be nice to get rid of that eyesore but think of the damage to humans.

As ugly as that place is… if it’s gone where do those people go to live? We’re not exactly living in a place with a ton of extra low income housing.

So so true and I do not think S&A will want them in Raffles with the others.

Yep that’s exactly why the Inlander hasn’t been demolished to this date… the people that stay there would be put out on their butts with little else, and no where to go.

The RCMP also stated (about 6 years ago) that it helps them keep track of a lot of drug users all in one place.

If the Inlander ever burns it will be a disaster and there would be people killed and homeless. There are kids involved as well. yes it would be nice to get rid of that eyesore but think of the damage to humans.

I did not mean that it should ‘burn’ down but that in being a fire trap there is a good chance it will trap people inside should that ever happen. I saw the fire escape on the side of the building and it looks like it would fall apart should anyone ever try to use it. If they need the building that badly then why not at least upgrade it somewhat so people could get out if they had to.
As for there not being any low income housing there are many vacant BC Housing units here and yes i know the red tape of trying to get into one.
It is unfortunate that people have to live in such conditions. Granted it is better than living in the streets I don’t think it is the greatest place for kids to be if police use it to keep track of the druggies.
We are in desperate need of ‘something’ for those so unfortunate. The question is ‘where to begin’? and where to end.

There are only a handful of people living in the Inlander so if it was to be demolished it wouldn’t negatively affect anyone.  There are enough crack shacks that the 6 or 8 people living in there would have no trouble finding somewhere else to hang their hat or store their wheel chair for that matter.  If it doesnt burn down it’ll probably fall down.  I can’t understand why it is still there almost empty with no real improvement or known plan for it.  Does the owner just expect that it is going to fill up with tenants again?  Either level it or fix it up.  If it was gone it would be a great big downtown lot for a nice new DQ drive thru.

There aren’t alot of drug users in there but I’d bet that 100% of them(100% of the 6 or 8 tenants that is) have some sort of substance abuse problem.  There are drug users all over this town and they certainly are not all hanging around the Inlander.

Excellent point indeed, $750-$1000+ per month for a 1 Bedroom Suite/Apartment is just ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous regardless of furnish or non-furnish :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on people. See the postitves! We have Nancy Green in the Senate to save us!
Another porcine snout in the bucket! Give her a call and she will get right on it! And
the Olympics are coming! Rah!

BC the Greatest Place on Earth!!

unfortunately the souls living at the Inlander have likely burnt their bridges elsewhere, I seriously doubt that other land lords/ bc housing would take most of them in…
Thankfully though there are no children living down there…  I am not judging anyone but the simple truth is that that other landlords won’t take them in…  The hard to house is a difficult issue… 
The owner has fixed up a few rooms a little, but the overal shape of the place is down right sad…

And whose fault is that?  These people need to be counselled on how to be responsible for themselves.

Sounds like you are volunteering,  You would not suggest an solution then not be prepared to be part of it.

So tell us,  what is going to be your first step???

Didn’t think so…

So sick of some people on this forum thinking they have any idea as to what another persons situationis, then comment on what “Other People” should do to fix it. This often happens with community issues here in the Rinse,  everyone is full of opinion,  but not drive.