All the news that's fit to miss and for a dollar to boot!

So it’s with interest to note that the Northern View, CFTK and CBC all managed to find some time to relay the events of Sunday morning, yet the Daily paper with the one dollar charge has not a word in tonights edition.

Maybe it didn’t meet the happy news guidelines.

It will be on the Daily News website next week, don’t worry.

What’s with everyone having the same avatar?  Some new gnome invasion?

it’s the dancing, everyone loves a dancing gnome

I think more people should be dancing male gnomes.

we should boycott the Daily News…  just take the freebies…  I rarely buy any of the paid days anymore… the paper goes from bad to worse… its a joke…

Yeah why couldn’t they have a comprehensive review of the story ready for readers? At least a breaking news bit. Instead, they completely ignore the whole story. 

I’m sure Baker will have something boring next year or something. That guy sucks. He used to have the guts to post on here, but he now hides because he couldn’t take the heat. And he’ll just put his city positive spin on it, with only one side of the story. 

They had all Sunday to put it together. I saw the Northern View’s piece. A piece de resistance. CFTK TV? Perfection. I learned a lot about the police’s side of the story from their coverage and was able to guess the rest. Why can’t the Daily News do the same? Because they suck, that’s why. They want silly happy news. But the only real news is the negative stuff we do. And the Daily News will never cover that stuff again. Hell even the sports sucks. I miss Earle Gale. He would have known what to do. May he rest in peace.

Cheer up, Huh?, the invading army of dancing gnomes has everything under control.

Oh thank god.

good man i talk to him whenever i see him in town . but he is only in japan no need to say rest in peace bad choice of words. he was town in over the holidays. looking good but not “resting in peace”

yeah he seemed to have a handle on what was news and what was worth putting in a newspaper

Japan? I thought he was in Uzbekastani pet cemetery.

Daily news doesnt work weekends :smile: Mondays paper is printed Friday…(I asked around)
So they should have a story about this weekends events in todays (tues) paper…

I dont subscribe so anyone in htmf land know if they reported on it this evening??

Well that’s a pretty poor excuse for a “newsgathering” operation, especially on a story that has obviously resonated around the community.  Unfortunately for a paper that charges a dollar an issue, news just isn’t that convenient, sometimes it happens when you least expect it or apparently can report it.

At any rate George T Baker had a story in tonight’s paper, and not a bad one either, some comments from the locals, some background on the situation, and for all the talking tykes of party time the story they tell isn’t smelling quite the same as how they are trying to portray it. 

Too bad the paper is about 24 hours behind the curve though, by now all they’ve done is rehash what everyone already knows.

:laughing: For all the Earle Gale fans: … earle+gale

my bad thought he was in japan

I would click on that, Sogggy, but I don’t need them hacking my computer as well.